Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

Congratulations to all athletes that participated in the Goulburn swim meet two weekends ago. There were some great races, some great performances, and a great display of team pride. Athletes were very supportive of each other, especially to those athletes that tackled new (and long!) challenges!

Upcoming events

Another busy weekend for WAVE is ahead with the Boogaloo and the Sunday scrimmages. Swim meets can be stressful for your athlete, but this is why we train! Why go to all those practices if you’re not going to race? The Boogaloo swim galas are designed to be fun and athletes will not be put in any event that is beyond their capacity.

I will be baking some scones for the bake sale and perhaps some cookies. Apparently the bake sale is a little light, so please consider sparking up the oven in support of the Maddy Kort Fund. Please contact tara.swords@ottawawaterpolo.com if you are able to help.


The past few practices we’ve tried adding new skills and terminology to our swim workouts with mixed success. Every once and awhile, coaches will test their athletes with practices that are slightly out of their comfort zone. Ask your athlete what a CYCLE is when it comes to swimming. Hopefully you’ll get a logical response!

Athletes of the Month

Athletes of the Month for February are Grace Rosco (JWs) and Siena and Callie (13Us). Well done.

Video /  Photographer

WAVE is looking for a volunteer videographer and photographer for the 13U teams. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Head Coach Rodrigo.

Reminders for Parents

At Practices

  • Parents must observe all pool regulations during practice and remain off the pool deck at all times.
  • Parents should not try to attract their athlete’s attention during practice.
  • Loud conversations and phone calls shall be taken away from the observation areas in order not to disrupt the practice.
  • If you wish to speak to your athlete’s coach, please email coach@ottawawaterpolo.com to request a time to meet.
  • Parents should not give their athletes tips or coach their swimmer at practice or at any other time.

At meets / tournaments

  • Our job as parents is to help the athlete feel confident in their ability to swim at a meet or play in the game. This means that their equipment and gear is prepared the night before, a schedule put in place to get to the meet / tournament on time, and there is lots of body fuel for the athlete.
  • There should be no reward or punishment for attendance or performance at a meet / tournament. Every athlete’s abilities develop at different rates. The best thing to tell your athlete is “I love to watch you swim and play”.
  • Warm up and session times often change a few days before the meet. Check with your coach or on the host team’s website for changes before you make your plans.
  • Plan to arrive at the venue with at least 15 minutes to spare. Your athlete will be expected to be in gear on deck at the designated time. This will give them time to find the pool, change, etc.
  • For swimming, heat sheets (list of events, heats, and swimmers) are often available for $2-3. They are well worth the purchase. Some clubs have moved away from these. For clubs with electronic timing, you can follow along on an app called Meet Mobile- a small annual fee allows you to follow along with the meet as it unfolds.
  • Wear cool clothing and bring water. It’s often very hot on the pool deck!
  • Do not try to catch your athlete’s attention on the way to the blocks or at the start of a game. They are concentrating. They will have time to visit you later.
  • Please do cheer for your athlete and their teammates! It’s part of the fun!
  • Please don’t coach your athlete. They will work with their coach on a race plan or game strategies. If you do have specific questions about your swimmer, please talk to the coach after the meet.
  • Have fun with your athlete and their friends!

Life is always better in the water,