Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

Congratulations to all athletes that participated in the Regional Swim Championships in Belleville this past weekend. You made us all very proud. Some great races and some great results.

Regionals Wrap-Up

It was a great weekend at a fast pool with some of our fastest swimmers. WAVE took a team of 14 swimmers this year. We’re up in numbers from last year which is good news and we certainly held our own.

We had a lot of swimmers who just aged up so they were competing at a whole new level but everyone rose to the occasion.

Some highlights –

  • Stan did well in his first meet as a 13 year old and had to manage doing both heats and finals. He took some time off in the 50 FL, 200 BR and 50 BR. He continues to maintain that he is not a morning person.
  • Aline continues her fondness for all events that are 200m by taking massive amounts of time off her 200 IM, 200 BR and 200 FR.
  • Nicole was this year’s top performer for WAVE. Her breaststroke continues to bring fear to the opposition and she took away medals in all of those events. Nicole’s efforts in the 100m BR were rewarded with a Festivals qualifying time. Nicole took 6 seconds off her 100 BR time and got Gold in a nail-biter of a finish. Well done, Nicole!
  • Norah, despite all her efforts, is also turning into being excellent over the 200m, taking almost 10 seconds off her 200m FR. Amazing.
  • Siena had an excellent meet, continuing to improve in the 100 BK and taking over 15 seconds off her 200 FR. Siena will be a force at the next Regionals in June.
  • Adelle has found the breaststroke and managed to take over 6 seconds off her 50 BR. A great swim!
  • Nathan did very well in his first meet as an 11 year old and is finding his groove in the 100 FR with an improvement of over 5 seconds. Nathan also dropped time in the 50 BR which is sure to become his signature event.
  • Paige turned in great performances in the 100 and 200 FR taking off lots of time and getting quite comfortably under the 3:00 minute mark. Paige was also involved in an exciting 100m FR race with her other WAVE swimmers.
  • Fiona had a great meet, taking almost 20 seconds off her 200 BR and turned in a spirited sprint to the end in the 100 FR and getting a sub 1:20 time for the first time. It won’t be long until Fiona turns in a sub-minute performance!
  • Naya took almost 13 seconds off her 100 BK, over 4 seconds off her 200 FR and is now in 36 territory for the 50 FR! Well done!
  • Gabriel took almost a second off his 50 FR, over 10 seconds off his 200 FR and over 2 seconds off his 50 BK to secure a 7th place finish. Well done!
  • Skawennahawi came to Belleville to help in the relay teams and certainly did that. She is our fastest female swimmer over 50m and always leads by example.  Just having her there lifted the relay teams and helped them turn in great performances as well.
  • Odin medalled in the 50M BK with a third place finish and also managed to take 5 seconds off his 200 FR. Great job!
  • Yaro continues to improve in the backstroke and turned in some big time improvements in the 50 and the 100 BK. Yaro also took over 6 seconds off his 200 BK. Well done!
  • The parade of Regionals Hoodies at the pizza party. Look out for them, they are sharp!
  • Cake to celebrate both Stanley and Odin’s birthdays.
  • Going for milkshakes even when it’s 40 Below. That’s a commitment to dairy.

Video /  Photographer

WAVE is looking for a volunteer videographer and photographer for the 13U teams. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Head Coach Rodrigo.

WAVE Ambassadors

The WAVE Ambassadors team will be announced on February 10th. Rodrigo and I will be selecting athletes from all ages and skill levels that best represent our club. We would like to thank the Perth Stingrays for this opportunity to showcase water polo.

I have been approached by other clubs in Belleville and Petawawa to bring the Ambassadors to their club. The WAVE Ambassadors team will not necessarily be the same from event to event. All WAVE Ambassadors must participate in both swimming and water polo competitions.

Life is always better in the water,