Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

Congratulations to all athletes that participated in the Omnium Water Polo tournament and the NKB Invitational. Massive improvements in our times and in our abilities are being witnessed by the coaches. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Our 13U teams continue to be the dominant teams in the Eastern region. Our commitment to swimming, fitness and skills is paying off. Speaking of the 13Us, Coaches Lil and Fraser will be reviewing the goals submitted by the 13U teams to see if they are being met and what needs to be done to make goals a reality.


Most of the ribbons from Perth have been distributed. I still have some in my bag for some 15U athletes. Thanks to Tara for sorting.

Video /  Photographer

WAVE is looking for a volunteer videographer and photographer for the 13U teams. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Head Coach Rodrigo.

WAVE Ambassadors

The WAVE Ambassadors team will be announced in the next few weeks. Rodrigo and I will be selecting athletes from all ages and skill levels that best represent our club. We would like to thank the Perth Stingrays for this opportunity to showcase water polo.

Final Thoughts

I went to the Mini WAVES practice this week to do an evaluation of the levels. Coach Samantha and her crew has done an excellent job bringing swimming and water polo abilities up to new levels. But, let’s not forget the athletes.

As a swim coach, you might be surprised to hear what I am looking for. Not only am I seeking out the perfect freestyle or breaststroke, I am always looking for the cannon-baller and the one doing flips in the water. Sure, the listening skills aren’t there, yet. But they are comfortable in the water and want to be in the water, even when it’s cold. So, if you’re in the stands getting upset that your kids just off in the corner doing cannon-balls, don’t be, we’ll reign them in. It’s a good sign.

Life is always better in the water,