Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

Congratulations to all athletes that participated in the Petawawa meet this past weekend. It was great to see our athletes fly down the pool with such command and grace. This is why we train!

I hope everyone had a lot of fun. I am still waiting for the official results from the meet and I will post them when I get them.

Swimming Regionals

Athletes that make Regional swim times (LINK) are to attend the Regional Championship to be held at the Nepean Sportsplex the first weekend in June. The water polo  tournament in Montreal has no impact on the standing of our club, while the Regional Swim Championship does.

You are swimming for WAVE and representing WAVE.

Behavior at tournaments and swim meets

While our athletes behaved very well at Petawawa this past weekend (I did threaten them with military service), we are entering into championship season for water polo and this means travelling and stays in hotels.

Athletes that misbehave in changing rooms, run around hotels, and athletes that do not respect hotel curfews will be reprimanded by having their playing time curtailed or cancelled altogether.

The curfew for our athletes is 10:00 PM. If your game goes later than 10:00 PM then you are expected to go to bed upon arrival at the hotel.

Open water

As the weather warms up, my thoughts turn to open water season.

Open water is important to the history of WAVE. During COVID, the only swimming available was open water and it was during this time that Rodrigo and I mustered the energy to finally start a dual-sport club as we trained in the Ottawa River.

WAVE, as we know it now, was born in those waters, usually in discussions that took place 1 or 2 kilometers from the nearest shore.

Last year we had a dozen athletes compete in the Ottawa RiverKeeper swim. I hope that we can get that number again, or more. I have also entered the Bring on the Bay swim as well. Use the following links to sign up. Note that last year the Riveerkeeper swim only allowed athletes 12 years and older.

Life is always better in the water,