Parade of Champions 2022

Parade of Champions 2022

Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

13U Provincials

Rodrigo and I are very proud of our 13U teams that are heading to Brantford this coming weekend. No other teams in Ontario play like WAVE. We play as a team! We don’t rely upon 1 or 2 star athletes, we are strong across the board. We saw this in the 11U Provincials and I am sure we will see this again for 13U Provincials. Memories and life-long friendships are being made and WAVE is so fortunate to be a part of this.

Upcoming meets

We have two more meets, one in Brockville and one in Belleville.

The Brockville swim meet is over-subscribed as we had to reduce the number of athletes that could attend at the request of the host club.  WAVE is placed in the second session.

The Belleville meet is still taking expressions of interest. This meet is a fun way to end the year as there are many shorter events such as 25s. We will also be presenting the host club with a cheque from the money that we raised at bake sales this year. This money is for the Maddy Kort fund, the namesake of the meet.

As with all trips to Belleville, anyone making a PB (Personal Best) time will receive a milk shake from Reid’s Dairy.

The always fun Boogaloo gala is also coming up on the 27th. We are planning lots of fun activities for this event. We will be having a PARADE OF CHAMPIONS. The parade will be from the Brewer hockey arena to the pool. Please encourage your athlete to wear WAVE clothing to this event and to wear any medals or ribbons collected throughout the year.


Summer and Open water

Thanks to everyone that signed up for WAVE’s summer sessions. From the Summer Cup to the Performance Swimming I am sure that WAVE will once again deliver a great summer of programming.

I have heard rumours of official swim meets being held over the summer at the Crestview outdoor pool. I will certainly look into WAVE participating.

Last year we had a dozen athletes compete in the Ottawa RiverKeeper swim. I hope that we can get that number again, or more. I have also entered the Bring on the Bay swim as well. Use the following links to sign up. Note that last year the Riverkeeper swim only allowed athletes 12 years and older.

Swimming Regionals

Congratulations again to all the Regional qualifiers.

The next Regionals will be in January/February 2024. Take the opportunity over the summer to look at the Regional qualifying times. It’s never too early to set those goals to achieve a Regional time and with the right mindset and dedication it is possible!

Life is always better in the water,