Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

As I mentioned in my last update, WAVE’s momentum continues to grow and it became absolutely apparent at the Paul Taylor Memorial Tournament this past weekend! WAVE did amazing and we will be recognizing this achievement at practices on Friday and Saturday. Please bring your WAVE hoodie and medal to the practice for a brief pep rally at 8:00 PM on Friday at the NSPLX and at 7:00 PM to Brewer on Saturday.

These successes are a testament to the commitment from our athletes, coaches, administration and parents.

It’s obvious that the commitment to both swimming and water polo pays dividends. The 13U and the 11U teams that have been through a year of the dual-sport program are out-hustling our opponents and are in better physical condition. We are building fast and skilled teams and there is no holding a WAVE athlete back!

Belleville Swim Meet

The Belleville Invitational will be a one-night affair for our 12U and 10U swimmers. This will be an important meet for those wanting to qualify for Regionals as there are lots of events to swim at a fast pool. There is also a solid rumor that Belleville will be hosting Regionals in February.

We will be partaking in a Pizza Dinner for all swimmers in the Fireplace Room at the Belleville Rec Centre. We have the room until 6:30. Perhaps we’ll top things off with a Twoonie Shake or two.

Perth Candy Cane

WAVE will attend a meet in Perth on Sunday, December 11. The meet will be over around noon with warm-up at 7:30 AM. There will be relays. Currently, we have over 50 athletes attending with the deadline to commit being today. Swim meets are an important part of the WAVE program and it is encouraging to see the level of commitment from our athletes. This is why we train. 


Ribbons for the last Yellow & Blue in October will be available soon. Chief Ribbon’er Tara just got a fresh order of ribbons from the supplier and is working diligently to get them out before the Santa Boogaloo.

NKB Invitational

WAVE will attend the NKB Invitational in January. This meet will be for those athletes who have qualified for Regionals or are close to qualifying for Regionals.  We are allowed 50 swimmers.

Final Thoughts

We are in the second 8 week block of our training. The intensity of the work-outs and my feedback is getting more poignant as we approach Regionals for swimming and Provincials for water polo. Little things must now be done right, this is not the time to pick up bad habits. So, if you see me being a little more animated on the pool deck, now you know why.

Life is always better in the water,


Upcoming dates

November 26 – 27 – Belleville Invitational (SWIM)

December 2 – 4 – KW Classic (Polo)

December 11 – Perth Candy Cane (SWIM)

December 17 – Yellow & Blue: Santa’s Gotta Boogaloo!

January 20 – 22 – NKB Invitational (SWIM)