Boys Changing Room

Some boys are insisting on changing in toilet stalls. This is most unsanitary. Have your athlete practice the “deck change”.

The pace clock

More and more you will hear me instructing the athletes on the use of the pace clock. I keep things simple for the Junior Waves by trying to keep stop/start times to the Top, 15, Bottom, and 45.

Have your Junior Wave A athlete go through this quiz. It may be a little advanced but now that most athletes have a year of swimming under their belt, some of it may be understandable. The quiz will serve as a fun learning activity for you and your child.

Your athlete can submit their completed quiz to me for grading. There will be a reward.

Sore knees and ankles

We did a lot of breaststroke and eggbeater last week. There will be some soreness, but please let me know if your athlete experiences any unusual twinges. The same goes for the use of fins. We use fins a lot for drills (or else we would sink) and getting used to them is a process.


Breaststroke is an essential water polo stroke and we will be placing a lot of emphasis on this stroke. There is a lot of work to be done in terms of adopting a racing style for this stroke. It’s mostly a question of timing and instilling the fact that it is an arduous stroke that demands a lot of effort — it’s not your grandma’s breaststroke.

Lost and Found

At the end of practice I try to do a sweep of the deck of forgotten items. I have collected some of these items and keep them in my minivan. CoCo’s mom, Amy, will be posting these items now and then. Please do not rely on me to find or recover lost items. This is your athlete’s responsibility. 

Upcoming swim meets

We have two swim meets in October — one on the 16th in Brockville and one on the 29th at Nepean Sportsplex. There are no stands at the Brockville pool, so if you are considering bringing grandparents and extended family I recommend waiting until the 29th.