Brockville Swim Meet

What a terrific time we all had in Brockville — once they got the power back on! Thanks to all the WAVE families that stuck it out and stayed on and to Lisa back in HQ for keeping the info flowing. We won’t forget that meet anytime soon.

  • See the meet results (PDF) – We have already reported one error to the host club regarding the results. If you spot another, let me know.

We had some great performances, including many first timers who now have official times that they can work to improve.

We had a few swimmers take monstrous amounts amounts of time off from their last meet – like Simona, Rosalyn, Chiara, Marko, Sam G, Emil, Brie, Lexi, Levi, Yaro, Nicole, and Adelle ! Way to go! Two swimmers that I would like to put a focus on are Felicity (13U) and Max L (JWA), they have both worked very hard recently and are starting to see the rewards.

We also had a huge swath of 11 year old girls beat 40 seconds in the 50FR. AMAZING! Welcome to the club!

We are a young team and there is lots to work on. I’d say the top things are our turns and our breaststroke pull. It’ll all come in time.

We hope to go back to Brockville in June for another fun meet that includes a BBQ for the athletes.

SWOTT Swim Meet

The SWOTT Invitational is coming on October 29th. Look for the entries file soon. Perhaps we turn this into a Halloween themed event?

Belleville Swim Meet

The Belleville Invitational will be a one-night affair for our 12U and 10U swimmers. That information will be coming out soon. This will be an important meet for those wanting to qualify for Regionals.

Perth Candy Cane

We have decided not to attend the meet in Gatineau in December. Rather we will attend a meet in Perth on Sunday, December 11. The meet will be over by noon with warm-up at 7:00 AM.

Lost and Found

Look for the big grey bin at Brewer practices if you have lost something. Amy will be posting items on occasion. Sadly, the bin has become too heavy for me to lug around, so don’t expect it all practices.


The third edition of our popular fundraiser will be taking place November 12th. Last year we raised over $30,000 for the club. I will be handing out pledge forms soon.

The pace clock

More and more you will hear me instructing the athletes on the use of the pace clock. I keep things simple for the Junior Waves by trying to keep stop/start times to the Top, 15, Bottom, and 45.

Have your Junior Wave A athlete go through this quiz (PDF). It may be a little advanced but now that most athletes have a year of swimming under their belt, some of it may be understandable. The quiz will serve as a fun learning activity for you and your child.

Your athlete can submit their completed quiz to me for grading ( There will be a reward.

Upcoming dates

October 21-23 – La Coupe Citrouille (Polo)

October 29 – SWOTT Swim Meet – Nepean SPLX

November 12 – WAVE-A-THON

November 18 – 20 – Paul Taylor Memorial (Polo)

November 26 – 27 – Belleville Invitational (SWIM)

December 2 – 4 – KW Classic (Polo)

December 11 – Perth Candy Cane (SWIM)