SWOTT Swim Meet

As we head into our next meet this weekend with SWOTT, I’d like to point out (and maybe you’ve noticed this as well) that my job as coach is getting a lot easier.

The practices at Ottawa U have become a lot more efficient now that our athletes have found out how to read the clock and how to start 5 seconds apart. The training itself has gotten a lot better because of this! I am sure we will see the rewards of this new found discipline this weekend.

Speaking of clocks, have your Junior Wave athlete go through this quiz on the pace clock (PDF). It may be a little advanced but now that most athletes have a year of swimming under their belt, some of it may be understandable. The quiz will serve as a fun learning activity for you and your child.

I am looking forward to the afternoon of races. Please be ready with arms marked. The heat sheets will be out Thursday or Friday. There will be a lot more time between races than the Brockville meet so it won’t be as hectic. The Nepean Sportsplex provides some of the best viewing opportunities for family members so be sure to put on some WAVE apparel and cheer on the crew! Encourage your athlete to stay with the team on deck, keep warm, and have a healthy snack.

This meet will also be a Meet Mobile event. For all those new to swimming, be sure to install the Meet Mobile app so that you can get instant updates on your mobile device.

Paul Taylor Memorial Tournament

This will be the biggest water polo tournament for the Fall season. Rodrigo is looking to send as many teams as we are allowed. Please let your Team Manager know as soon as you can on your plans to attend to help ease planning.

Belleville Swim Meet

The Belleville Invitational will be a one-night affair for our 12U and 10U swimmers. That information will be coming out soon. This will be an important meet for those wanting to qualify for Regionals.

Perth Candy Cane

WAVE will attend a meet in Perth on Sunday, December 11. The meet will be over by noon with warm-up at 7:00 AM.


The third edition of our popular fundraiser will be taking place November 12th. Last year we raised over $30,000 for the club. I have handed out pledge forms to most.

Upcoming dates

October 21-23 – La Coupe Citrouille (Polo)

October 29 – SWOTT Swim Meet – Nepean SPLX

October 30 – Yellow & Blue: What Else You Gotta Do? (Ottawa U)

November 12 – WAVE-A-THON

November 18 – 20 – Paul Taylor Memorial (Polo)

November 26 – 27 – Belleville Invitational (SWIM)

December 2 – 4 – KW Classic (Polo)

December 11 – Perth Candy Cane (SWIM)