SWOTT Swim Meet

Thanks to everyone who participated in the SWOTT meet. A good time was had by all. I also thought our cheering has gone to another level as well, perhaps if a parent brought a drum…

We had over 20 new club records at the meet and some Regional level times were recorded (results here). Well done!

Some highlights –

  • Hugo took 17 seconds off his 100 IM
  • Aline took 10 seconds off her 100 BR
  • Elyse took 20 seconds off her 50 FLY
  • Sienna took almost 8 seconds off her 100 BK
  • Adrien took over 10 seconds off his 50 BK
  • S. Gordon to an incredible 12 seconds off his 100 FR and still had time to look around and take stock
  • Adelle took 8 seconds off her 100 FR
  • Nathan took almost 8 seconds off his 100 FR in his quest to catch Sammy G
  • Brie took 11 seconds off her 100 FR
  • Paige took 7 seconds off her 100 BK
  • Fiona took an incredible 13 seconds off her 100 BR (she’s no longer doing her grandma’s breaststroke)
  • Rosie took over 20 seconds off her 50 BK — Unprecedented!
  • Katia took almost 15 seconds off her 50 BK
  • Gabe found his speed in the 100 FR and took 6 seconds off
  • Shonakarakehte took 9 seconds off his 100 FR – his commitment to training is starting to pay off!
  • Marko took 18 seconds off his 100 FR
  • Zach took almost 8 seconds off his 50 BR and secured a 2nd place finish
  • Felicity took 16 seconds off her 100 FR
  • Orion took 13 seconds off his 100 FR
  • Odin continues to master the 100 BK and took 5 seconds off

There are many, many more highlights and I couldn’t be more proud of our athletes. We are really building something special at WAVE. I hope that you can feel the excitement from the stands. I know that Rodrigo will continue to push the water polo skills of all the athletes so that they can put this new found speed to use in game situations.

This was our second swim meet of the year and the second time that the heat sheets became nothing more than worthless pieces of paper. This can happen. The athletes handled it well (with the help of Valeria, Sam and Jewelle). Swim meets are always under time constraints and if there are a lot of empty lanes due to scratches then the meet manager will make adjustments.

Performance Charts and Stickers

A big thank you to Tara and Louise for the beautiful performance charts that were handed out this week. This was an idea that Rodrigo and I had about a year ago and these two ladies took our idea and ran with it! Thank you so much.

I have the stickers. I am trying to think of a method for distribution that doesn’t involve me being trampled. Stay tuned.


The third edition of our popular fundraiser will be taking place November 12th. Last year we raised over $30,000 for the club. Many of you have handed back to me their decorated pledge sheets. Rodrigo and I will judge the best entries this weekend. Bribes are encouraged.

Paul Taylor Memorial Tournament

This will be the biggest water polo tournament for the Fall season. Rodrigo has had over 90 athletes express interest in attending the tournament and will do his best to field as many teams as possible.

Belleville Swim Meet

The Belleville Invitational will be a one-night affair for our 12U and 10U swimmers. This will be an important meet for those wanting to qualify for Regionals as there are lots of events to swim at a fast pool.

There are also relays at this meet which is a highlight. The boys still talk about their relay victory in Belleville from last year as they are such a memorable event.

I look forward to taking a team to Belleville and to celebrating once again with a Loony Shake or two.

Perth Candy Cane

WAVE will attend a meet in Perth on Sunday, December 11. The meet will be over by noon with warm-up at 7:00 AM.

NKB Invitational

WAVE will attend the NKB Invitational in January. This meet will be for those athletes who have qualified for Regionals or are close to qualifying for Regionals.  We are allowed 50 swimmers (JWA and 13U).

Upcoming dates

November 12 – WAVE-A-THON

November 18 – 20 – Paul Taylor Memorial (Polo)

November 26 – 27 – Belleville Invitational (SWIM)

December 2 – 4 – KW Classic (Polo)

December 11 – Perth Candy Cane (SWIM)

December 17 – Yellow & Blue: Santa’s Gotta Boogaloo!

January 20 – 22 – NKB Invitational (SWIM)