Thanks to all the Team Managers and to Lisa for all the email and website updates. I will try not to duplicate efforts and present material from a coach’s perspective.

WAVE’s momentum continues to grow. I can see our athletes getting stronger with each practice and at each event. Their poise in the water is starting to show as they become more and more confident in the water. It’s great to see.

I know that we are also making an impact at local swim meets. After the SWOTT meet I was told by one of the other coaches that he wished his team could bottle our spirit and that he was envious of our comradery. Being water polo players is a big differentiator — WE ARE A TEAM!

Our first two meets of the season have been lots of fun. I am looking forward to Perth in a few weeks and know that we will have a large presence. There will be relays at Perth.

I have been reaching out to other small clubs in the area such as Petawawa and Cornwall to secure spots at their meets in the future. The local meets would be for one session (4.5 hours) making it easy to accommodate into schedules.

WAVE-A-THON wrap-up

What a great event made possible by all the volunteers and the intricate planning from the Wave-A-Thon Planning Committee (i.e. – Rodrigo and Lisa).

The Wave-a-thon is now firmly established as the club’s key fundraising event (we used to do a land base activity). It was very heart-warming to see our new group, the Mini Waves, working hard at completing all those laps. Coach Samantha has done such a great job with our little ones who could barely do a lap or two in the summer — and now there doing 30 or 40! Amazing! WAVE is really building a new kind of club!

Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to Audrey (13U) and Adrien (JW) for being Athletes of the Month in October. They have both shown remarkable growth in their swimming and water polo skills. Audrey and Adrien both received Adam Peaty Race Clinic towels, teal caps and a certificate. Congratulations!

All athletes that participate in both swim meets and water polo tournaments are eligible to receive this award. 

Everything you wanted to know about Swim meets…

Thanks to all those that tuned in last week to hear me and Lisa ramble on about swim meets. OK – Lisa doesn’t ramble. I hope you enjoyed the session. Of course there were a few things I forgot to mention, namely:

  • Results for your swimmer can also be found on Simply do a search for the athlete’s name.
  • Results from our galas are all unofficial (See the Yellow & Blue results here)


There are no ribbons for the SWOTT meet despite what was noted in the meet package.

There is also some confusion about the Yellow & Blue ribbons handed out two weeks ago. These ribbons are for Yellow & Blue III held back in May.

Ribbons for the last Y&B in October will be available soon.

Paul Taylor Memorial Tournament

Good luck to all the players heading to Toronto this weekend. WAVE will have the largest presence at this tournament amongst all the clubs and Rodrigo has worked hard to put together competitive teams that take into consideration experience and maximizing playing time — it is a difficult task!

I will not be attending this event, but I will be there in spirit. Please remember to cheer loud and to SWIM!!!!!!

Belleville Swim Meet

The Belleville Invitational will be a one-night affair for our 12U and 10U swimmers. This will be an important meet for those wanting to qualify for Regionals as there are lots of events to swim at a fast pool. There is also a solid rumor that Belleville will be hosting Regionals in February.

I look forward to taking a team to Belleville and to celebrating once again with a Twoonie Shake and some Pappa John’s pizza.

Perth Candy Cane

WAVE will attend a meet in Perth on Sunday, December 11. The meet will be over by noon with warm-up at 7:00 AM.

NKB Invitational

WAVE will attend the NKB Invitational in January. This meet will be for those athletes who have qualified for Regionals or are close to qualifying for Regionals.  We are allowed 50 swimmers (JWA and 13U).

Upcoming dates

November 18 – 20 – Paul Taylor Memorial (Polo)

November 26 – 27 – Belleville Invitational (SWIM)

December 2 – 4 – KW Classic (Polo)

December 11 – Perth Candy Cane (SWIM)

December 17 – Yellow & Blue: Santa’s Gotta Boogaloo!

January 20 – 22 – NKB Invitational (SWIM)