First things first, we only have one entry for this week’s contest. Are you trying to tell me that my scones are actually bad?

With the upcoming meet this Saturday, we’ve done a lot more swimming in the past few weeks. The athletes have responded very well to this. They all know that the extra work is needed and will pay off in the months and years to come.

We’ve been paying particular attention to our dives and to our turns. It’s very disheartening for any swimmer when goggles fail and it usually happens due to an incorrect dive. The head must be tucked in and the head must be not take the initial impact from the water, rather the hands.

We will have a quick Zoom meeting later this week to go over what to expect at the swim meet. Watch for an email from Lisa on that event soon.

I do hope that our parents are ready to support WAVE in the stands in the loudest way possible. We need to have our presence felt at our inaugural team meet. 

Meet entries are posted here for your reference. We should have a heat sheet soon. A heat sheet is a report off all the events with heats and lane assignments. This is the information that your athlete will write on their arm before the meet.

Reminder that we require that they all wear the club suit (but not the polo suit with zippers for the girls). We also require team wear and the yellow cap (if you’re wearing one). It’s important to look the part.

Parents in the stands, bring a pen and a marker and download the Meet Mobile app on your phone. It’s fun to follow along the swimmers from the entire club and see them progress as well.

In other news, look for the summer schedule soon. We will have a short swim session to complete the month of June for all athletes wanting to participate in the last swim meets of the season. More details to come on that.

Keep the dates

  • May 7 SWOTT Spring Splash
  • May 27 Possible swim meet in Belleville (Friday night)
  • May 29 Yellow & Blue 3: We are a Family Gala
  • June 3-5 Regional Swim Meet at NKB for qualifying swimmers
  • June 3 – 5 Possible water polo tournament in Montreal (outdoors!)
  • June 25 weekend possible swim meet in Montreal or Belleville