Photos Courtesy of Owen Pilson Photography

What a great debut for WAVE! We are all very proud of all our athletes participating in their first ever swim meet. There were some great swims and some remarkable improvements in times as well.

What impressed the coaches the most was that our athletes were not afraid to race and find that next gear in order to win. There were lots of come-from-behind wins for our swimmers — something that is a testament to our character as a club.

I hope we all learned a lot from the swim meet and that we now know what to expect moving forward. It’s been a lot to take on as parents, being introduced to two sports and two sporting communities. The coaching staff truly appreciates your support as we navigate the two sports for our inaugural year as a swim club as well as a polo club. It truly showed on the deck and in the stands that we are building something special.

And, we can’t forget to say a special thanks to our support coaches and to Lisa for making it all run smooth. And to our parents who volunteered as timers and to serve the delicious pizza!

Big drops in time

Here are just some of the biggest drops from the Jnr Waves in no particular order

  • Paulo dropped 5 seconds from his 50 FR
  • Emil dropped 6 seconds from his 50 FR
  • Abigail Sellars dropped 8 seconds off her 50 FR
  • Adrien dropped 5 seconds from his 50 FR
  • Lukasz dropped 5 seconds from his 50 FR
  • Shonakarakehte dropped 8 seconds from his 50 FR
  • Coco dropped 5 seconds from her 50 FR
  • Caitlyn dropped 7 seconds from her 50 FR
  • Bea dropped 6 seconds from her 50 FR

There are lots more and you can find the results from the Yellow & Blue 2: Electric Boogaloo gala here.

And, remember all that money you gave Swim Ontario? One of the major reasons for this is official results. Not all clubs register all their swimmers with Swim Ontario, but we do. It’s important to get official results, no matter what the age. Athletes need to see, in black and white, that progress is being made and Swim Ontario is a big part of that journey. They train our coaches, put on meets and ensure that all is above board and they do a great job.

It will get easier to track progress once we start going to more official meets as the systems in place will take care of most of the labour.

So, enjoy the fact that official results are now online. This is all a part of the package. Simply go to and use the search to look for your athlete by name. For example, here is 13U swimmer Stanley Anderson.

Also, try the Meet Mobile app on your phone to track the times of your swimmer and other athletes.

Regional and Festivals

Congratulations to Skawennawi and Stanley for making Regional and Festival times at the swim meet. Skawennahawi and Stanley will be representing WAVE at these two upcoming meets in June.

In order to make these meets you must make certain times. These times can be found at the bottom of our Documents and Waivers page.

What is amazing about this is that they qualified for these events the first time that they ever swam them in an official meet.  That is simply incredible!

Upcoming Events

  • May 13 – 15 13U Provincials Water Polo – Kitchener Waterloo
  • May 27th – Possible swim meet in Belleville
  • May 29th – Yellow & Blue 3: We are a Family
  • June 3 – 5 Possible water polo tournament in Montreal (OUTDOORS!)
  • June 11 End of Year Banquet
  • June 25 – 26 Possible swim meet in Belleville
  • August 14 – Riverkeeper Open Water Swim (13Us)
  • August 14 – 20 Lake Camp