Congratulations to our 13U Co-Ed team for winning Silver at Provincials this past weekend. It was a hard fought battle against Shadow and one that will be remembered for so many reasons. Congratulations to Rodrigo and Sam for their effort in guiding the players to success.

Our 13U B team also had a taste of success against teams from Vaughn and Ottawa. Thanks to a spirited effort from our young 13U team and a spirited effort from the WAVE fans, we are starting to see more and more successes for this team. Coaches Andrew and Lil once again excelled behind the bench and brought out the best from everyone.

With the success of our 11U and 13U teams this past season, the coaches are confident and excited about the future of WAVE and the development of our athletes.

What’s Next

As far as swim meets go, we are invited to take a small team (only 20 swimmers) to Belleville on May 27th. But, we will have one more large meet in Belleville when we can bring all the Teal, 13Us and some other swimmers who are ready. This will be the last weekend of June on the 25th and 26th. It’s also my birthday, so plan accordingly to swim your fastest.

And let’s not forget, the last Yellow & Blue Gala entitled We are Family on May 29th. Lisa is busy preparing for that meet and will have the meet package ready soon. Prepare yourself for some non-stop action!

The water polo season concludes with a trip to Montreal the first weekend of June on the 4th and 5th for a tournament at the breathtaking Jean Drapeau pool. This will be a fun tournament for all families as La Ronde is close by. I also recommend taking the water taxis to and from the island for the adventurous.

Two of our top athletes will be at the Regional swimming championships that same weekend. We wish Skawennahawi and Stanley good luck as they push themselves towards getting faster and faster in the pool.

Abigail is off to Sheffield!

Jnr WAVE’s very own Abigail is off to Sheffield, England to play water polo. Her grand-parents also live there, so that’s just a bonus! Abi will be joining the local club for a week or so and we look forward to hearing stories of her representing the WAVE family as she trains with the Sheffield Monsters. Have fun Abi!


Watch this short video of an up and coming swimmer and send me three things that you learnt from watching this video. I can think of many, many more than three. Send your entries to Deadline is Tuesday, May 24.