It’s been awhile since the last update. Power outages will do that.

WAVE had a great time in the pool this past weekend. We found great success at our very first Regionals Swim Meet and as well as at the Pamplemousse Tournament in Montreal.  Details about the Regionals swim meet can be found here. Details from Montreal are coming soon. Next year, I am planning on having more WAVE swimmers qualify for Regionals. As our athletes get stronger, our club representation at these meets will as well.


The meet at Belleville on June 24 and 25 is starting to fill up. Thank you for your continued commitment late in the season. Those that decide to go will be undergoing swim training designed for our two athletes going to Festivals in two weeks. This will be high level swim training, but conducted at the appropriate levels. Parents, please be prepared with chocolate milk at the end of practice. I am confident that the training will pay off for our Festival swimmers and for those attending Belleville. The meet in Belleville will be a fun meet — there will even be a chance to use your fins!


A final thought as we come to the end of the season

I spoke with Rodrigo this morning about the past weekend and about how successful this past year has been. Adding swimming has made all the difference to our programming and to our results at water polo tournaments and, most importantly, for our athletes confidence.

Swimming is training for water polo. Water polo is training for swimming. All these laps are money-in-the-bank when it comes to creating better water polo players. All those egg-beater drills are, in turn, making stronger swimmers — just look at our domination of the breaststroke this past weekend.

There is no swim practice, there is no water polo practice. There’s just practice.