A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser

On December 4, 2021 we are planning a fun event during our regular practice times. There will be a mini swim meet (sometimes called a Gala) for our swimmers. Each swimmer will swim 2 or 3 events (all one length of the pool) and we’ll also have a relay or two.

We are calling this event the First Annual Yellow and Gold Gala.

More details coming.


This past week it was breathing and breaststroke – two difficult aspects of swimming to master.

Finding the right time to breathe without stopping your stroke can be a bit tricky for some swimmers especially when it potentially means swallowing lots of pool water. But there were no complaints this week as we are slowly getting a handle on breathing in quickly to the side and exhaling under the water. Many young swimmers try to exhale and inhale when their head is out of the water – this causes too much disruption.

On Saturday we tackled breaststroke – my favourite stroke and a stroke that is used all the time in water polo. The timing of breaststroke can be difficult especially because a lot of swim programs for small children teach the stroke incorrectly. The stroke has changed a lot over the years and it’s not the gentile stroke our grand-mothers used to do.

This week we will announce the upcoming Gala to our swimmers and get them ready for the mini-competition.

Water Polo

This week’s focus was building our awareness in the pool. The drill that we used for this was a quick swim followed by a turn, catch the ball and then looking before you turn back and return to swimming. The last thing you want to do is turn without looking first!

A few reminders

  • Label your equipment! Coach Fraser will have a white marker at practices.
  • Every athlete must have their necessary equipment at all practices. Consider getting a mesh bag so that your swimmer can bring all equipment to the pool deck.
  • Lastly, let the coaches know of any absences at coach@capitalwave.ca. It is important so they can plan ahead.


I like quotes for inspiration. Sometimes I will put them on the board at practice and sometimes I get my quotes from the athletes.

Water Polo is a sport for swimmers.

Coach Fraser