A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser

Another week in the books and we’re already seeing great improvements from our dual-sport athletes.


You’ve probably heard from your athlete that the fins have come out for practice. A lot of the drills that we do require core and leg strength that just isn’t there yet, so the fins provide that extra lift in the water.

The bonus for the kids is that fins are fun.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We hope it was a pleasant break for your family.

Water Polo

The athletes focussed on roll-over from water polo backstroke to head-up front crawl. It’s an important skill to learn as you usually end up on your back to get the attention of your goalie as you blast down the pool.

The other focus has been passing in a triangle formation to create space between the players so we’re not all chasing the ball.

A few reminders

  • Label your equipment! 
  • Chocolate Milk is a great way to avoid any unpleasant rides home.
  • Come at least 15 mins before the start of practice. We cannot have our practices disrupted by late-comers.
  • Every athlete must have their necessary equipment at all practices. Please make sure that they bring everything back. Coaches are not responsible for goggles, balls, caps, water bottles.
  • Lastly, let the coaches know of any absences at coach@capitalwave.ca. It is important so they can plan ahead.


I like quotes for inspiration. Sometimes I will put them on the board at practice and sometimes I get my quotes from the athletes.

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream

John and Paul