A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser

Good News First

It was another historic week for the Wave Swim and Polo program and I am very pleased to let you know why.

The second session for Saturday’s practice actually played a game of water polo that was end-to-end the full length of the pool.

Coach Valeria asked if they wanted to play the whole pool and the majority said yes.

This is monumental and in the mind of the coaches it is a clear sign of the progress of the Junior Waves.

Historically speaking the 11Us have always played widths. There was never any interest in playing the whole pool, mostly because it was intimidating as it meant more swimming. Well, no more!

This development coupled with all the major steps forward in swimming and water polo skills in our individual athletes is showing that all the hard work is paying off even in this short amount of time.

Well done Jnr Waves!

And now the Bad News

Behavior after practices in the changing rooms has denigrated.

Athletes are not respecting each other or their belongings. They are also wasting the time of coaches who have families that they want to return to in the evening. Athletes will be reminded in future practices that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and they could be subject to sitting out of practice or removal from the club.

We will be looking for parent volunteers to assist coaches in managing the changing rooms until there is a change of behavior. Coaches cannot leave the deck until all athletes have left the poolside and this is when the behavior in the changing rooms has become an issue.

Yellow and Blue Gala

A reminder that results from the Yellow and Blue Gala have been posted.

Official results are now available.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible and to all the parents for coming out and supporting their athlete and our club. If you have pictures from that night, please send them to coach@capitalwave.ca so that we can keep these memories.

A few reminders

  • Label your equipment! Coach Fraser will have a white marker at practices.
  • Every athlete must have their necessary equipment at all practices. Consider getting a mesh bag so that your swimmer can bring all equipment to the pool deck.
  • Lastly, let the coaches know of any absences at coach@capitalwave.ca. It is important so they can plan ahead.