A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser


It was a historic week for the Junior Waves program with our first ever annual Yellow and Blue Gala this past weekend.

The coaching staff hopes that everyone had a fun and memorable occasion. We could not be more proud of our athletes.

I will always have the memory of the athletes charging down the middle of the lines of parents to the sound of the bagpipes. It was something out of Braveheart.

The effort put forward by our athletes was tremendous with some great races in the pool and some great displays of spirit in the stands — the cheering was deafening!

These meets are an important introduction to what to expect at a swim meet. Knowing more about how a swim meet runs and what is expected of everyone is empowering.

Special thanks to Ahmed for being our gracious starter. Ahmed was very pleased to put to use our new starting equipment that was purchased with money raised by the Wave-A-Thon.

There will come a time when we actually hosts meets and go to small meets in the Ottawa area, so the more exposure, the better.

Official results are now available.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible and to all the parents for coming out and supporting their athlete and our club. If you have pictures from that night, please send them to coach@capitalwave.ca so that we can keep these memories.

Swim Suits

The swim suits are in – and they look good!

We have had one scheduled pick-up time already and there will be another in the weeks before Christmas. If you have not ordered a suit yet, please email merchandise@capitalwave.ca to see if there are some extras in your size.

Water Polo

With all the focus on the swim meet this week, we let the athletes play an extended game this week. We did introduce SpiderBall, which forces the athletes to play on their stomachs in the spider position.  While it may not have proven too popular, being in spider position with your hips at the surface is an important part of the game, because if your hips are dropped, you ain’t really playing!

A few reminders

  • Label your equipment! Coach Fraser will have a white marker at practices.
  • Every athlete must have their necessary equipment at all practices. Consider getting a mesh bag so that your swimmer can bring all equipment to the pool deck.
  • Lastly, let the coaches know of any absences at coach@capitalwave.ca. It is important so they can plan ahead.