A weekly update from Coach Rodrigo and Coach Fraser

The coaches hope that everyone had a great time at the events this past weekend. You are all true champions. Everyone swam their hardest and some great times were recorded, everyone has progressed so much and you should all be proud of yourselves. Lisa Bloom did a fantastic job organizing the event and now she (and her family) are busy tabulating all the times so that we can share them with everyone.

Thanks to all the volunteers – the timers, the officials, the starters, the DJ, the MC and hospitality – for making Electric Boogaloo such a great success!

We will post the top times on the website and we will create a new Club Records page for these times. Club Records are a great motivator!

We will also be posting pictures from the event soon. Hopefully there’s some pics of the dancing!

Coaches are working on our next swim event. Hopefully this will be a small meet with another local club that are at the same level. Look for that announcement soon.


Congrats to Noah and Ryder for winning scone balls. Well done.

Here’s this week’s competition. This includes a story and requires some thinking. Here we go…read this to your athlete and see what they come up with.

Frazier, Foreman and Ali.

A long time ago, before your parents were born, there were 3 boxers – Ali, Foreman and Frazier. When they fought one another, the whole world stopped to watch. It was always an important event. Events that people still talk about over 50 years later.

Foreman was a brute. He was very strong, but slow. Everyone was scared of him. He could chop down a tree with his hands. (Don’t worry, he’s a very nice man now)

Frazier was very skilled and crafty. Frazier always had a trick up his sleeve and was always the most dedicated to the fundamentals of his sport.

Ali was very skilled and fast. Ali used to say that when he turned out the lights to go to bed, he was under the covers before it was dark in his room.

When Foreman fought Frazier, it didn’t last long and Foreman won easily. Frazier didn’t have a chance.

Ali and Frazier fought three times. They were all close fights. Ali won two fights and Frazier won one.

When Ali fought Foreman, people begged Ali not to fight him, they were afraid that Ali would get seriously hurt. Ali was frightened, but he never, ever showed it. Ali came up with the perfect plan and used his speed and skill and WON.

And this is one of the reasons why everyone knows that Ali is the original G.O.A.T. and always will be.

Now, have a think about this and how it relates to your swimming and water polo training. Write to Coach Fraser at fraser.anderson@ottawawaterpolo.com a short explanation of how this story is important to your training. Best entry wins a ball of scone dough.