Last week’s focus was body roll and we all did quite well when it came to translating the movements from front crawl to backstroke. It’s important to have a slight roll in your stroke so we’re not bull-dozing through the water with both shoulders in the water. Here’s a good video on this topic –

This week marks the beginning of the last session of the first year for our Junior Waves. It’s a short session — only eight weeks.  There are a few changes to the schedule so please review the club calendar. We are condensing the swimming into two practices and it will be tight but we will continue our training in such a way that it won’t impact our development. In fact, I think we’re going to see quite a bit of improvement in the next eight weeks.

The Saturday sessions will be used for water polo fundamentals as well as swimming. In particular, there will be a LOT of leg work and a lot of starts and turns for swimming.

While the water polo season is pretty much over after the Provincial tournament, we continue to look for competitive events for our club. This also includes swimming. We are hoping to be invited to a meet against Swim Ottawa on May 7, so please keep that date open. We are also looking for other meets in May and June. We are also going to have another internal meet before the end of this session.


We are looking to have summer sessions for both swimming and water polo. Details to come soon.

The only firm plans right now are for Summer Lake Camp. This is open to children born between 2010 and 2005, but exceptions are possible for strong swimmers. See the site for more details.