12U – Junior Waves
Swimming and Water Polo
(2011 – 2013)

The 2021-2022 season was the first season for WAVE’s dual sport program – Junior Waves. During a season that saw many stops and starts due to COVID, our athletes competed in swim meets in Ottawa, Belleville, and Toronto and water polo tournaments in Montreal and Toronto. It was a fantastic start to our new program and we are looking forward to the years of success ahead. You can see some of the year’s highlights below and for more information read the news articles from the past year.

We’ve always believed that swimming is to water polo as skating is to hockey — they are intertwined in so many ways. Capital Wave has worked hard with Swim Ontario and Ontario Water Polo to train our coaching staff in both sports to build our success as a dual-sport club.

WAVE is the only club in Ottawa that is an official swim club and water polo club. Look no further, this is where it all starts.

Junior Waves athletes must attend 90% of their practices. Practices are three times per week. Athletes must do swimming and water polo. The focus of practices will change from swimming to water polo and vice versa at the discretion of the coaching staff.

There are 2 levels at Junior Waves – A and B. All “A” athletes are expected to attend all swim meets and water polo tournaments – should they be invited.

Athletes will be registered with Swim Ontario and Ontario Water Polo and can not be registered with any other club.

What can athletes expect to learn?


  • Learning how to train properly.

  • Proficiency in all four strokes.

  • Stroke efficiency.

  • Proper turns and starts.

  • Having and achieving goals as an individual and as a team.

  • Dedication to a sport, to a team and to an active, aquatic life!

Water Polo

  • Eggbeater and the base position.

  • Strokes that are designed for water polo play, e.g. water polo backstroke, head-up frontcrawl and sidestroke.

  • Ball handling, passing skills and basic shooting fundamentals.

  • Principles of the game.

  • Conditioning and endurance building.

  • Teamwork.

Minimum Requirements

  • Athletes must be born between 2011-2013.
  • Athletes must be able to follow instructions and be part of a group environment.
  • Athletes must be able to complete 50 metres of recognizable front crawl (freestyle) under 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Evaluations may be required for new athletes. Spots are limited and subject to availability.


  • Attend 90% of all practices
  • Show up on time 
  • Bring training equipment bag
  • Be ready to have fun and learn two sports!

Competition Opportunities

  • Compete in our in-house swimming and water polo competitions amongst other Junior Waves groups
  • Swim Head Coach will invite certain individuals who they feel are ready to attend local and away swim meets.
  • Water Polo Head Coach will invite certain individuals who they feel are ready to attend local and away water polo games/tournaments.

Training Equipment List

  • 2 pairs of goggles from a reputable brand (such as Speedo, Tyr, Nike, Arena, and Swans) – goggles can be found at Winners and other local shops such as Go Swim and Team AquaticOver-sized goggles are not acceptable — they must remain below the brow.
  • Size 3 Water Polo ball – available here
  • Swimming fins (short blade fins available at Decathlon, Go Swim and Team Aquatic). NO Flippers or Scuba diving gear.
  • Pull-Kick Board (available at Amazon)
  • Swim suit – one piece for girls and brief or jammer style for boys (NO board shorts and NO t-shirts)*
    • *Note: Club bathing suit will be required for any official swim meets and/or water polo tournaments
  • Swim cap – one club swim cap (yellow)
    Be sure to label all of your equipment and a mesh bag is highly recommended. 

Wave Merchandise Mandatory List

Please check our Merchandise requirement page to see what merchandise your son/daughter is required to have according to their program and competition opportunities.


Why do one sport when you can do two? This just makes sense.

Waneek Horn-Miller, Olympian & Master Coach

Why Two Sports?

Swimming and water polo go hand-in-hand. Take a look at some of the reasons below on how the two sports are so closely related!

I like swimming, is water polo for me?

  • Water polo is the ideal sport for swimmers.

  • Being a fast swimmer in a water polo game, means more breakaways, which means more goals. A goal can be just as rewarding as a medal.

  • Playing water polo will make you a faster swimmer. Need proof?

  • Everyone needs variety, even swimmers. Why not stay in the water, playing a sport where swimmers excel?

  • Counting tiles can, at times, be a bit boring.

I like water polo, is swimming for me?

  • Swimming is an essential part of water polo.

  • Being fast in a water polo game, means you’re probably a good sprinter. Winning a swimming medal can be just as rewarding as scoring a goal.

  • Learning proper swimming technique reduces shoulder strain and makes you faster and more efficient in the water.

  • For water polo players, there is no better conditioning than swimming. It’s exercise in our natural habitat.

  • For water polo players, counting tiles can be therapeutic.

Fall 2022 Programs

Club Head Coach will assign and invite kids based on previous seasons or attended trials.


Cost Estimates

  • Fall 2022 Fees: $595
  • Water Polo Canada Insurance: $40 (this amount is the base – may need to upgrade for certain events) – pay once
  • Swimming Canada Insurance: $121.40-161.40 (this amount is calculated based on age) – pay once
  • Team Gear: TBD (depends on what you need)
  • Training Equipment: TBD (depends on what you need)
  • Meet/Tournament Fees: TBD (depends on which ones you attend)

Success Stories from the 2021 – 2022 Season