Are you ready for a Challenge?

Our coaches are ready to challenge our athletes and see who will be crowned the Top Lockdown Warrior of 2021. It’s about time we start having a little fun inner-club competition and see who is the ultimate warrior! Starting on Monday January 18th, for 4 weeks straight, coaches will post a daily challenge below for athletes to complete throughout the day. They are encouraged to download, print, and track their own progress here. Put it on your fridge so everyone can see your progress!

In order to run a virtual and fair competition, we will rely on the honour system. Prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third place finisher for each of the 4 age groups. Prizes are as follows:

1st place – $25 Tim Hortons gift card

2nd place – $15 Tim Hortons gift card

3rd place – $10 Tim Hortons gift card

How does it work?

First, you will need to get in a habit of checking this page daily to see what the new challenges are. Challenges will only happen from Monday to Friday and will be posted in the mornings. There will be a total of 5 challenges that the coaches will post. They include: the push ups challenge, the sit ups challenge, the squats challenge, the active challenge, and finally, the ball work challenge.

We encourage everyone to try and do the recommended amount of exercise and challenges set out by the coaches. 3 out of the 5 challenges (push ups, sit ups, and squats) will be the ones that will count for prizes. The active and ball work challenges are also recommended to maintain your warrior shape. Challenges will get progressively harder every day. Please use and download the tracking log sheet to help you track your records but also to see your progress. If athletes want to challenge themselves and do more of what is asked, then they can do so and climb up the leaderboards faster.

How do I report my progress and how do I win?

The winners will be named at the end of the 4 week challenge. The top 3 athletes on the leaderboards on the last day will be crowned our winners. In order to make the leaderboards, you will have to keep updating the coaches by emailing challenge@capitalwave.ca once you have completed a new milestone or a new day.

If you want to keep sharing your progress and your exercise load with the coaches, they may have special prizes at the end of the lockdown as well. Coaches always love to see who is staying active during these times (aside from our challenges). If you want to get recognized as well, feel free to send us your video of you doing the challenge and have a chance to be featured on our social media platforms reaching over 5,000 people.

Rules and specific details on the 5 challenges:

Please make sure to follow the colour coded information for each age category. Athletes are welcomed to do more reps if they choose to, but encouraged to do at least the set amount. Once completed, make sure to write the information in your tracking log sheet and email away if it is a new milestone that will help you rise up on the leaderboard.

Note: if an entry seems really off the charts, coaches may ask for video evidence to make sure that they are doing the exercises correctly. (more details to follow).

Push ups Challenge
Athletes are trying to do the set number of push ups in 1 minute. To see what is classified as a proper push up please click here. (Anyone 14 and under can do the knee push ups if they can’t do the full push ups yet).

Sit ups Challenge
Athletes are trying to do the set number of sit ups in 1 minute. To see what is classified as a proper sit up, please click here.

Squats Challenge
Athletes are trying to do the set number of squats in 1 minute. To see what is classified as a proper sit up, please click here.

Active Challenge
Athletes are encouraged to do the amount of time set out by the coaches in any type of cardio workout. Active exercises include but are not limited to: walking, running, hiking, skiing, yoga, being, rowing, jumping rope, HIIT workouts, and more.

Ball work Challenge
Athletes are encouraged to attempt the ball work challenge put out by the coaches. They will be uploading a new YouTube video here. Please make sure to check it out and see if you will be able to master that skill in the recommended time (in seconds). You must maintain that skill for the duration of the seconds set out by the coaches.

Email your Results!