10U – Mini Waves
Swimming and Water Polo
(2014 – 2016)

Our Mini Waves program is our feeder program to our popular Junior Waves program. Mini Waves athletes train two practices per week and include both swimming and water polo programming. Depending on the athletes progress, our Head Coach may invite certain athletes to compete in swim meets as well as attend a few tournaments. While the focus is still on fun, the Mini Waves program has the goal of allowing for a successful transition to competitive sport. The focus of practices will change from swimming to water polo and vice versa at the discretion of the coaching staff.

WAVE is the only club in Ottawa that is an official swim club and water polo club. Look no further, this is where it all starts.

Our Mini Waves program is a sessional program (Fall, Winter, Spring). Members will always get an early registration head start prior to other new members joining.

There are 2 levels at Mini Waves – A and B. All “A” level Mini Waves athletes must attend 80% of their practices to be considered for entrance into the competitive Junior Waves program. Entrance into the Junior Waves program is considered at the start of each of the three calendar sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring).

Athletes must be able to complete 25 meters of recognizable front crawl (freestyle) and float in deep water. We will teach the rest!

What can athletes expect to learn?


  • An introduction to how to train properly.

  • Stroke efficiency.

  • Introduction to turns and starts.

  • Having and achieving goals.

  • Dedication to a sport and to an active, aquatic life!

Water Polo

  • Eggbeater and the base position.

  • Strokes that are designed for water polo play, e.g. water polo backstroke, head-up frontcrawl and sidestroke.

  • Ball handling and basic passing skills.

  • Basic principles of the game.

  • Introduction to conditioning and endurance building.

  • Teamwork.

Capital Wave’s new dual-sport program is a dream come true.

Coach Jenna, Mini Waves Program