Open Water Swimming

The Capital Wave Water Polo club will be running a summer open water program in 2021. This will be the club’s second summer participating in open water swimming.

Capital Wave believes that maintaining our athletes’ fitness levels and swimming conditioning is essential and open water swimming does all that as well as providing an experience like no other!

The season starts in June and ends in late August. The swims start around 2 KMs at the start of the season and build to 7 – 8 KMs. The majority of the swimming is in the Ottawa River.

There will be three (or more) scheduled swims per week.  Due to conditions and precautions (see below), it’s not always possible to take advantage of all of the scheduled swims.

The club thanks the City of Ottawa for their commitment to maintaining a clean Ottawa River. This commitment can be seen in the completion of the Combined Sewage Storage tunnel in November of 2020 as part of the Ottawa River Action Plan.

The club participates in three open water events – Bring On The Bay (early July), RiverKeeper (early August) and La Traversée du lac Tremblant (mid-August).

All precautions are taken:

  • No one swims alone
  • All swimmers must have a brightly coloured float
  • Swimmers are supervised by experienced river swimmers and accompanying kayakers
  • No swimming after heavy rains, regardless of water testing results (tests are usually trailing indicators)
  • No swimming if water quality is not conducive
  • No swimming if there is a threat of bad weather

For more information, please contact coach Roddy at :

To read an inspirational story from our 2020 season, click the image below.

Swimmers on cliff looking up river