Open Water Swimming – An essential building block and a part of what makes WAVE different

Register for Ottawa RiverKeeper 2022

We are excited to be running open water swimming training opportunities in Ottawa this summer again. This will be the club’s third summer participating in open water swimming. WAVE believes that maintaining our athletes’ fitness levels and swimming conditioning is essential and open water swimming does all that as well as providing an experience like no other! There’s nothing better than swimming into the waves as the sun is coming up.

The season starts in June and ends in late August.

The swims start around 2 KMs at the start of the season and build to 7 – 8 KMs. All swimming is in the Ottawa River at Britannia Bay and takes place in the morning at 6:30 AM. Members are invited by either Coach Rodrigo or Coach Fraser. All athletes in 13U and higher are considered. We are also always looking for parent kayakers.

There will be three (or more) scheduled swims per week. You can attend as many or as few as you like. Due to conditions and precautions (see below), it’s not always possible to take advantage of all of the scheduled swims.


WAVE will be entering the RiverKeeper (4KM, 1.5KM and 750M) swim on August 14th as a team. Details here. This swim is on the morning of Lake Camp and will be a perfect start to our week away.

Swimmers on cliff looking up river