Meet our Coaching Staff

We are fortunate to have such a great and knowledgeable coaching staff. Without our coaches’ hard work, dedication, and efforts, our athletes would not be the same. Capital Wave’s line-up of coaches is one of the best in the country to date. They vary from Olympians, International, and National coaches, to young athletes giving back and mentoring the youth in our successful Splash Polo and PLAY! Water Polo program. Our coaches bring a tremendous amount of experience to Capital Wave and love sharing their passion for water polo with all our athletes and their parents. There is no doubt that Capital Wave has the best staff in the Capital Region. We encourage you to review their profiles below.

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PLAY! Polo
Lead Coach


PLAY! Polo


PLAY! Polo


Splash Polo Coach

Born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and raised in Ottawa, Adrien has now played four full seasons, currently entering his fifth this year. He first started playing in 2013 in the recreational program as he was introduced to the sport by his friend and played through two seasons before recognizing his love for the game of Water Polo. He now plays for both U16 and U19 Capital Wave teams. In his first year of the High-Performance Program, Adrien hopes to get a scholarship and make the Canadian national team in the near future. As a coach for the Splash Polo program, he hopes to give back all his years of experience and his knowledge of the game back to the kids all while keeping a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. He further hopes to spread the love of the game to many kids across the program.


Splash Polo Lead Coach

Veronica was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Lima, Peru until the age of 8, when her family moved to Vancouver. Once in Vancouver, Veronica started playing water polo with the Pacific Storm Water Polo club. Over the years Veronica has played in over 12 National Championships, has been a member of Team Ontario, and in 2011 she was also a member of the Women’s National Team for athletes born in 1993.

Along with coaching for Capital Wave since the clubs inception, Veronica was an assistant coach for Team Ontario in the summers of 2013-2015 and an assistant coach for the Women’s National Development Program in 2014.

Veronica has graduated with high distinction from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology with a concentration in Law and currently works for a Law Firm. She currently plays with Capital Wave’s Major League team and helped the team capture the silver and bronze medals at Senior Nationals in 2017 and 2018 respectively. She loves working with children of all ages, and her goal is to provide a positive-mentor role model for our young athletes, as well as help them grow in their water polo career by offering them guidance and expertise from her many experiences over the years. Veronica has her NCCP Level 3 Coaching Certification and is currently the Splash Polo Head Coach.


Splash Polo Coach

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Splash Polo Coach

Mackenzie was born in Ottawa, Ontario. She had played 6 years, going onto her 7th season with Capital Wave. After years of playing hockey and soccer, she needed something more exciting and more her style. She fell in love with water polo and clearly hasn’t stopped since. She plays for the 19u and Major league Women’s team, and took part in the club’s High-Performance program for 2 years. Over the years she has been an athlete on Team Ontario in 2016-2018 and has played for the 17u Canadian National Team this past summer. She hopes to continue her love for the game and play in the United States for her post-secondary education studying in physical therapy. As a coach for the Splash Polo program, she hopes to teach and encourage the kids to love the game as much as she does!


Splash Polo Coach

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Splash Polo Coach

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PLAY! Water Polo Coach

Coach Fraser has coached and played water polo for over 30 years in Canada and in the United States. Born in London (UK), and raised in Hong Kong, The Phillippines and Birmingham (UK), Fraser started his aquatic life as a competitive swimmer at the age of 8 in Manila.

Fraser’s somewhat rational fear of sharks combined with his mother’s desire to get some much needed quiet time around the house, meant he spent much of his early life in the pool learning how to swim fast. After countless laps in many pools around the world, his swimming career came to a peak at the age of 14 when Fraser moved back to Canada, joined the Nepean Swim Club, and set a Canadian national swim record.

His extensive time in the pool had diminished any ability to play land sports, so he had to find another sport in the water. So, Fraser started playing water polo for Nepean High School in Grade 10.  Although time has dimmed his memories, he’s pretty sure Nepean won a few championships. Fraser went on to coach Nepean High School’s water polo team as he entered Carleton University and continued the team’s winning ways. At Carleton, Fraser played under the tutelage of Canada’s premier water polo coach and former Capital Wave coach, David Hart. The lessons learned under Hart still resonate.

After Carleton, Fraser coached the Georgia Tech water polo team and also played for the Atlanta Dynamo club. Upon his return to Ottawa, Fraser was an assistant coach for the Carleton University Women’s water polo team.

Fraser continues to swim and coach with the Ottawa Swim Masters club, swim in open water competitions, and can occasionally be seen in a scrimmage with Capital Wave’s younger athletes or with our adult program.

Fraser coaches the PLAY! program and considers it a privilege, “the Capital Wave family is a water polo club like no other. It’s a club with heart and soul that turns out better players and, more importantly, better individuals.”

Fraser is a certified Competitive Water Polo coach, National Lifeguard and a trained Swimming 101 instructor.


PLAY! Water Polo Coach

Natasha was born in Montreal but has spent the majority of her life in the Maritimes with the last 20 years being in Halifax Nova Scotia. Halifax is where she found her love of water polo as the parent of an athlete in 2007. Spending several years as a volunteer for the Halifax Wavecutters Club and then on the board of Water Polo Nova Scotia.  Natasha’s formal training in coaching water polo started in 2010 with the Water Polo Canada “I Love Water Polo “program. Natasha was the Atlantic learning facilitator of the “I Love Water Polo” program and helped to spread the love of the sport to PEI, Cape Breton, NB and all over Nova Scotia. With a list of formal NCCP courses and mentorship coach training over many years, Natasha brings her enthusiasm and skills to Capital Wave and the PLAY! Water Polo program.

Natasha enjoys playing on a recreational level and remains involved as a player since her move to Ottawa in 2019.

Natasha’s first love is teaching fundamental skills to both children and adults. Her passion to build a strong fundamental base of skills at the beginner level is what drives her coaching style.


PLAY! Water Polo Coach

Born in Ottawa, Patrick started swimming at age 11. Wanting to play a team sport, he joined the “I Love Water Polo” program created by our very own, David Hart. By the age of 13 he stopped swimming and devoted his time to competitive water polo where he played in two National Championships, including winning a silver medal at the 2008 National Championships in Vancouver. Once in university, Patrick continued to play water polo for the University of Ottawa Gee Gees competitive water polo team while completing his Bachelor of Music with specialization in musical performance.

As a lifeguard and swim instructor, Patrick has experience teaching people of all ages and skill levels how to swim. In addition to teaching swimming, Patrick also has experience in teaching music, where he has given workshops and master classes in high schools. Patrick is currently working as a Musician in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Patrick believes that emphasis on good technique and proper practice methods are essential to success. “As a musician and as an athlete, I always try to achieve perfect technique. Once a technique is mastered, it provides the most efficient and reliable results. To develop perfect technique, it is our responsibility to always practice these skills at the highest level with high regards to fine details. Only then can we perform at the highest level of excellence.” Patrick looks forward to working with our athletes in the PLAY! Water Polo program, right where he started from!


PLAY! Water Polo Coach

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PLAY! Water Polo Coach

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Owen is currently in his 4th year playing water polo. Having spent a few years doing power swim Owen was ready for a new challenge; he was introduced to water polo through Capital Wave’s Summer program and was instantly hooked. He is a member of Capital Wave’s U19 and Major League Men’s teams as well as being part of the club’s High-Performance Academy where he trains 11 times a week. Last summer Owen travelled to Greece to represent the province as a member of Team Ontario and had the pleasure of playing water polo against various Greek teams. Teaching water polo to a younger generation allows Owen to share his passion for the sport and he loves to see the kids having fun and enjoying the sport. He feels strongly that younger kids need to have older youth mentors to look up to and this club provides that. Currently in grade 11, Owen hopes to eventually become a photojournalist so that he can share his love of nature and hopefully inspire others to help protect the environment too. Owen coaches the PLAY! Water Polo and Splash Polo kids.


PLAY! Water Polo Coach

Born and raised in Ottawa, Averi is in her third year playing for Capital Wave. She first fell in love with the sport when introduced in 2017 through her aunt who has been a long-time player. Averi is currently in the High-Performance Academy and plays on the girls U19 team and major league team. She loves giving back and spending time coaching the Splash Polo kids and the PLAY! Water Polo kids.


PLAY! Water Polo Coach

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Rodrigo “Roddy”

Head Coach and High-Performance Coach

Rodrigo was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Vancouver when he was 6 years old. He began swimming at age 5 and at the age of 9 he started playing water polo with the Pacific Storm Water Polo Club. Rodrigo has played a total of 13 National Championships (4-time Gold Medalist – 16U, 18U, 22U and Senior) and over 50 international scrimmages/games while a member of Team Canada. Rodrigo graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing with distinction from Carleton University in 2017. Rodrigo played for the Carleton Ravens varsity team and during his time, helped the Ravens win two gold medals and capture three silver medals while being named to the all-star team all five years and being named OUA Male Player of the Year for two consecutive years in a row (2015, 2016).

Rodrigo has played for the Peruvian National team back in 2014, and recently in 2017 where he competed in international tournaments in Malta and Colombia. Rodrigo spent a year in Barcelona, Spain for the 2017-2018 season working and playing. He played for the Club Natació Poble Nou water polo club that competed in Catalunya’s first division league. He worked with Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) where he worked as a Sports Manager next to Spanish Olympic Coach, Quim Colet.

Apart from being an athlete in Canada, Rodrigo was the assistant coach for Team Ontario from 2013-2015 and has been the team manager for Canada’s Youth, Junior, and Senior National Teams for the past 5 years working with 10 national team programs.

Rodrigo is a great ambassador for the sport of water polo in Canada and there is no doubt he is very passionate. Rodrigo has his NCCP Level 3 Coaching Certification. He is currently the club’s Head Coach and the High-Performance Academy Coach.


High-Performance and Competitive Coach

With thirteen years’ experience coaching water polo at various levels of athletic development, Adrian is a team player with expertise in providing technical, strategic, physical, and mental direction to athletes. He has extensive experience assistant coaching and coaching at regional, provincial, national, and international water polo tournaments. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, his teams won gold at the provincial level and took silver at the 2011 National Championship. His recent achievements include a silver medal win at the 2017 Senior Nationals and a bronze medal finish at the 2018 Senior Nationals with Capital Wave’s Women’s Major League team.

Adrian has a strong belief in the long-term athletic development (LTAD) program, which considers the best interests of the athlete, not the goals of coaches or parents who might simply want to win at all costs. He has his Level 3 coaching certification with three multi-sport modules completed. Adrian currently coaches the U14 / U16 / U19 Competitive age groups, the PLAY! Water Polo program, and the High-Performance Academy.


High-Performance Coach

Born and raised in Ottawa her whole life, Jewelle started playing water polo at age 11 with Capital Wave. She was always an active child growing up and playing team sports was the best fit for her. In her eyes, water polo was the perfect sport. Jewelle first started to play at the 14U level, but the coaches later noticed that she could soon start playing 16U and 19U competitively. Jewelle played on Capital Wave Major League team for 2 years. She has over 7 years of competitive experience, has played several summers for Team Ontario, and was long listed for the youth national team. Now is focused on coaching and giving back. She has been a volunteer coach for several years throughout her competitive water polo years and is a graduate of David Hart’s Coach Mentoring Program. She enjoys coaching all ages and helping young athletes reach their goals.

Recently has graduated from the Health and Fitness Program at Algonquin College, soon to be a certified Personal trainer where she plans on incorporating her experience and knowledge into the club. Jewelle will coach our High-Performance Gym sessions as well as coach our 14U athletes.


Competitive Coach

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High-Performance and Competitive Coach

Rebekka has over 17 years of experience playing water polo; having started at the age of 7. Most recently, she has focused her attention on coaching. Over her water polo career, Rebekka had the privilege of being a part of a number of teams including Team Ontario (2007), the Canadian Women’s Jr. National Team (2008 to 2013) and the Canadian Women’s Sr. National Team (2011 to 2013). She won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal playing with the National Junior Water Polo team at the Pan American Games and multiple National Championship medals and player awards. Rebekka travelled to many countries, playing with and competing against the best water polo players in the world.

A recent graduate from Concordia University in Exercise Science, Rebekka has been coaching for Capital Wave’s Summer Program for the past 3 years and currently coaches in Capital Wave’s High-Performance Academy. She enjoys watching young athletes having fun, learning about the sport she loves and reaching their goals.


Goalie Coach

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Goalie Coach

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Special Guest Coach

Waneek was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Waneek began her water polo career first at Glebe High School and then played for the Ottawa Team. She is a retired Olympic Co-Captain of Canada’s first women’s Olympic team in 2000. She played on both the junior and senior women’s water polo teams, making the World Cup all stars and was named the MVP at the 1999 senior women’s national championships. 

Currently Waneek works and travels extensively throughout the aboriginal world. Through her work as a sports commentator for CBC and APTN, Waneek has become a community advocate for sport, fitness and wellness. She also has traveled extensively throughout North America as a motivational speaker. As one of Canada’s few Aboriginal Olympians, Waneek has used her passion and  experiences in sport to influence Aboriginal and non-aboriginal leadership towards making Sport and Wellness a community building priority. 

Waneek currently plays on the Capital Wave Senior Women’s team and is a mom of two water polo kids in both the PLAY! Water Polo and Splash Polo programs. She is also actively coaching and helping out with the Capital Wave’s High-Performance Academy. 


Athletic Therapist

Mel has spent most of her career on field and in the clinic working with a number of professional and elite level athletes. Her experience have taken her from the rehearsal studios of the National Ballet of Canada, to the locker rooms of Canada Men’s Soccer—she will be travelling this year with our national team to the U17 Men’s World Cup. Her career is rich in variety and has enabled a diverse repertoire of experiences which are reflected in her holistic approach to injury prevention and rehabilitation. She brings to us the standards of high-performance sport rehabilitation to provide injury prevention strategies and promote a healthy and balanced athletic performance. As a former competitive Water Polo player, she understands the physical demands specific to our sport and is particularly excited about this opportunity to work with in an environment that taught her so much. She is perfectly bilingual (French and English) and is currently working in the heart of Ottawa at her private practice located in the Glebe.


Mental Performance Consultant

Connor is a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) and a first-year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Natalie Durand-Bush in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Connor completed his Master of Human Kinetics (MHK) in Intervention and Consultation at the University of Ottawa before becoming a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA). Connor developed a passion for the field of sport and performance psychology through a life devoted to high performance sport. Connor specializes in mental performance consulting for sport, the performing arts, and the corporate sector. He has worked with a variety of provincial and national level athletes as well as varsity (U Sports/NCAA) and professional athletes and performers. He has experience working in a variety of sport disciplines including hockey, lacrosse, track & field, squash, volleyball, soccer, basketball and golf. Connor strives to help performers of all kinds maximize their potential and enhance their well-being. His PhD work focuses on maltreatment in sport; more specifically, he is examining the relationship between maltreatment, mental-health, and performance.