Our Annual Wave-A-Thon

CW’s Most Successful Fundraising Event in Club History

This past fall, we were excited to announce our newest fundraising event, Wave-A-Thon. The Wave-A-Thon is an event where all of our athletes and coaches swim as many laps as they can in a given amount of time (either 45 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on age).

Wave athletes and coaches swam over 166,050 meters and raised over $25,000! Our Wave-A-Thon has turned into the greatest fundraising event in club history!

Fundraising is an integral part of Capital Wave and helps our overall operating costs and future equipment purchases for our members to use. The idea for the Wave-A-Thon grew out of the Covid-19 situation. The club needed a new way to raise the funds we rely on in the safest way possible, respecting all of the current health guidelines at the time.

We can’t wait to host our next Wave-A-Thon and if you are interested or know someone who is interested in sponsoring our event or our members, please reach out here: info@capitalwave.ca

Check out our promo video from Wave-A-Thon 2020: 

Fall 2020 Rankings

Coaches (45 mins)

1st Place – Fraser (124 Laps)

2nd Place – Rodrigo (118 Laps)

3rd Place – Valeria (102 Laps)

16U/19U Boys (45 mins)

1st Place – Owen (122 Laps)

2nd Place – Griffin & William (118 Laps)

3rd Place – Parker (108 Laps)

16U/19U Girls (45 mins)

1st Place – Martha (121 Laps)

2nd Place – Mackenzie (112 Laps)

3rd Place – Brooklyn (110 Laps)

12U/14U COED (45 mins)

1st Place – Aria (90 Laps)

2nd Place – Stanley (88 Laps)

3rd Place – Sasha & Emilio (82 Laps)

12U/14U COED (30 mins)

1st Place – Andra & Adelaide & Grace (62 Laps)

2nd Place – Nathan (59 Laps)

3rd Place – Huntley & Mariana (58 Laps)

PLAY! Polo COED (30 mins)

1st Place – Hadley (54 Laps)

2nd Place – Nolan (50 Laps)

3rd Place – Maya (48 Laps)

Splash Polo COED (30 mins – width wise)

1st Place – Chloe (78 Laps)

2nd Place – Jack (58 Laps)

3rd Place – Kai (52 Laps)

Looking to Sponsor our Club?

We need your help to shape the future of water polo!

Capital wave is a non-profit organization. Most of our revenue comes from membership fees. Through the additional efforts of sponsorship and fundraising efforts we pay for pool rentals, coaches, lifeguards, equipment and tournament fees.

Our club has over 150 athletes ages 7 and up participating in this intense and fun sport across the National Capital Region.

In exchange for your contribution, we can offer you/or your business a yearlong advertising opportunity on our website, social media, and more benefits (listed below).

In addition to supporting your community and this fast-growing sport, as a sponsor, your business would benefit from local exposure to more than 5000 athletes’ family and community members and reach a large local and regional audience through various media.

Capital Wave Festival Sponsorship Title – $4,000

Olympic Level – $2,000

National Level – $1,000

Community Level – $0 – $250

Contact us for more details: info@capitalwave.ca