Our Vision

WAVE believes in building a dual sport community that values family, physical activity, hard work, and a love for the water. We believe in fostering self-discipline, mutual respect, acceptance, and tolerance among coaches, athletes, parents, and community members.

WAVE is a member in good standing with Swim Ontario and Ontario Water Polo. WAVE athletes compete at swim meets and water polo tournaments.

Our Mission

WAVE aims to give athletes the opportunity to develop a positive self-image, achieve physical and mental strength, learn life skills, and attain goals in a fun environment through the sports of swimming and water polo. We work with athletes to support their individual goals in sport, allowing them to strive for their ‘personal best’ both in and out of the pool.

Free Trials

Our History

Established in 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario, Capital Wave is an incorporated not-for-profit swim and water polo club. Capital Wave is an official registered swimming and water polo club with Swimming Canada and Water Polo Canada respectively. Capital Wave gives athletes the chance to compete both in swimming and water polo competitions throughout the year.

As a dual sports club, we provide training for athletes aged 7 and up through various recreational and competitive streams. Our coaching staff is composed of some of the best and most recognized coaches in Canada, including 4-Time Olympian and Canadian legend, David Hart. Our club allows athletes to develop exceptional water skills and fundamental principles at a very young age. We welcome and encourage everyone to try swimming and water polo with Capital Wave for FREE all-year round. When you choose Capital Wave, you are joining an aquatic family like no other.

The WAVE Philosophy

Capital Wave strongly believes in the value the sports of swimming and water polo bring to an athlete. The synergistic relationship between both sports help athlete’s ability to progress like no other. For many decades, studies have proven that this complementary dual sport philosophy not only builds faster and stronger aquatic athletes, but teaches the overall importance of water safety. Learning all four strokes, knowing how to move throughout the water by treading water, and learning the explosiveness of legs, core, and upper body, prepares athletes for the real world experience in water. The success of why so many European, South African, Australian and American clubs just to name a few, can be highly attributed to their dual sports model. Capital Wave’s club head coach and its swim head coach have been brought up by practicing both sports and they have all seen the benefits in their aquatic careers. We believe Capital Wave athletes will experience excitement, purpose, and development by being able to participate in both swim meets and water polo tournaments. Learning to grow and experience each of these events will only build a stronger and more well-rounded aquatic athlete. It is our turn to allow our athletes to experience this great experience moving forward.

Our philosophy is about having fun while doing the sports you love. We believe that a win is about maximizing our teams potential and striving to be the best we can. With hard work, focus and dedication, we believe that our athletes are able to strive in the sport of swimming and water polo. We believe in giving everyone a fair chance and most importantly making sure each athlete has a positive experience. We understand that every athlete is different and progresses at different paces and that is why our programs are set out to have everyone progress at their own rate. There is an opportunity for those that want to join recreationally and for those that want to take the competitive route. We work within the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) set out by both Swimming Canada and Water Polo Canada, ensuring we are creating an environment that is both safe and positive for everyone involved.

We are strong believers in hard work, discipline, and respect from all members involved. No one is superior in terms of respect and we try and educate our athletes based on these values. We enforce a great amount of discipline to our practices and our athletes learn this from the start of their first session.

Giving back

Every year Capital Wave runs a one-week Boot Camp to get our athletes back in shape before the season starts. We also choose this time to raise funds and money towards a great cause. For the past few years we have raised close to $1,500 for CIBC’s Run for the Cure. We thank our athletes for their hard work and their efforts in raising money towards this great cause!

The meaning of Wave

“A Capital Wave starts from calm water and takes the energy of lots of smaller waves in order to build into something impressive and powerful. Our club is made up of younger and older athletes, competitive and recreational athletes, parents and community members. The energy of each and every one of our club members contributes to the viability and sustainability of the club. No “one” is more important than another. The Wave represents our collective energy and spirit. We are a strong community and only together will we be strong competitors both in and out of the pool. Wave is singular. One Wave, not many little waves. We support one another across our community.” – Kim Oastler (Founding President)

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