Here are the heat sheets for Perth –

If you see an error in the heat sheets, please let me know.

Use the heat sheets to mark-up your athlete’s arm before the swim meet – VIDEO.


Access to the Perth pool building will not be available until 3:30 PM on Friday and 7:30 am on Saturday. To ensure swimmer safety, the pool deck will not be open until 3:45 PM Friday and 7:45 AM Saturday for teams/swimmers.

Friday PM Warm-up: 400-445 pm

Lane assignments are not required. Lane 6 and lane 1 will be converted to dive lanes from 4:30-4:45pm for all teams.

Saturday AM Warm-up: 8:00 – 8:50 am

The pool will be very full during warm-up. To adhere to the per lane maximum of 20 swimmers warm up will be split by Teams with lane assignments.

Warm UP #1 – 800-825 AM

  • Lanes 1*, 2, 3: PERTH
  • Lanes 4, 5: ROCS
  • Lane 6*: ARNPRIOR

*Lane 6 and lane 1 will be converted to dive lanes from 8:15-8:25am for all teams. 

Warm UP #2 – 825-850 AM

  • Lanes 1*, 2, 3, 4: WAVE – Please be on deck no later than 8:10 AM (parking will only become more difficult)
  • Lanes 5, 6*: PETAWAWA

*Lane 6 and lane 1 will be converted to dive lanes from 8:40-8:50am for all teams. 


Parking is very limited at this location; carpooling is highly encouraged!


To ensure that swimmers, coaches, and officials can safely operate on deck, spectator space will be extremely limited on deck. There will be a closed-circuit, live stream of the meet in the pool’s multi-purpose room. Spectators are not permitted to stand and block the doorway entry to the pool.

Candy Cane Game 

There will be a Candy Cane pull game in the pool’s multi-purpose room. It will cost $1/Candy Cane with a 1-in-3 chance of winning an extra candy prize!