Information is coming in for the Perth meet. See the email below from the host club. I can recommend the canteen, so bring change.

It looks like heat sheets will not be available before hand. They can be purchased at the event. Heat sheets are used as a fundraiser for many small clubs, BRING CHANGE. This is not a Meet Mobile event. Please bring your markers and highlighters to the pool.

There are a lot of 50m events and relays at this meet. Things will happen fast and will demand the upmost attention from athletes and coaches. 


Perth is looking forward to hosting you for a fun filled morning of swimming, relays, and a few extras. Please note the following important pieces of information:

1) Warm up is at 800 AM with a 900 AM Start time

2) There is limited viewing on deck. Due to deck capacity spectators on deck will be limited. Instead of completely restricting viewing we are asking spectators to not sit for the duration of the meet but as much as possible to come on deck to view swims and exit when their athlete is not swimming to accommodate everyone. Heat Sheets will be available for purchase on Sunday and PSAC Club is working on the possibility of an onsite live streaming option to accommodate more viewing time.

3) Food Bank Donations– Food bank donations will be collected for the Local food bank ‘The Table’. With food donations there will be a raffle for a Local Heritage Christmas Turkey. 

4) Candy Cane Game– Set up in the multipurpose room there will be a game for swimmers and families. For a dollar swimmers can pick a Candy Cane and can win further candy prizes with a lucky pick

5) Canteen – There will be a canteen set up in the multipurpose room with snacks and baked goods for purchase.

6) Water Bottles – There are two water filling stations within the Perth pool for your convenience.

Please note we still have a few officials positions to fill for the meet.  If you have anyone that may be interested in helping, please click on the link below.