The WAVE Philosophy

The Capital Wave philosophy is primarily based on family and having fun playing water polo. Capital Wave has always stood out from other clubs in the city and in Canada due to its strong core values. In our club, we do not teach that a win is winning a water polo game or a tournament. We aren’t solely focused on creating the strongest team and only playing certain athletes in order to get the win for that game. We strongly believe in fair playing time and most importantly making sure that each athlete has a positive experience. We fully understand that every athlete is different and learns at different paces. Understanding these key details to an athlete’s performance is what makes us different and why our athletes progress and grow more over the course of a season.

We are strong believers in Respect, Attitude, and Discipline from both coaches and athletes. We encourage positive reinforcement with constant corrections at all times. We also believe in creating an environment where coaches are respected by their athletes and vice versa. No one is superior in terms of respect and we try and educate our athletes based on these values. We enforce a great amount of discipline to our practices and our athletes learn this from the start of the season.

Lastly, communication and transparency is what our parents and members love about Capital Wave. We believe in honesty and we respect our members tremendously. We believe this builds credibility within our club and its members and it is something we believe has helped us succeed as an organization.