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DETOXCURE Detox Purify – Colour Clarity Prowash (shampoo) 1000 mL

Super Concentrated PROWASH (shampoo)
Luxurious lather gently cleanses and helps nourish, revitalize, care and protect by deeply infusing colour-treated hair and scalp with rich 100% VEGAN Nourishing Systems.

Super Concentrated Formulas :
Delivers up to 92 washes per bottle of 300 mL
Delivers up to 300 washes per bottle of 1000 mL

DETOXCURE Weightless System deeply nourishes and helps Clarify and Detox Purify colour-treated hair and scalp without stripping.

Helps remove impurities, toxins, sulfates, chlorine, salt, parabens, harsh chemicals, pollutants, hard water minerals, product build-up and hair colour-dulling residues, purifying from scalp to ends.

Gentle formula helps purify, refresh and rebalance normal-to-oily prone scalp and hair. Helps prevent hair breakage, static and split-ends.

Colour-treated hair is left fresh and revitalized revealing Vibrant Colour Clarity for long lasting healthy shiny looking results.

Recommended before technical services and as a weekly maintenance home-program. Suitable for frequent or daily use.

100% Free Series*:
Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Salt, MI, MCI, Lactose & Gluten.
TruColour Care* anti-fading system helps prolong the purity, radiance & vibrancy of colour and shine.