Hello CW Families,

This email is a clear reminder regarding the requirement of being on time for Brewer Pool practice.

This means that you MUST be in line no later than 15 minutes PRIOR to the start of the practice.

For example, if you’re practice is from 6:30-7:30pm, you must be lined up at 6:15pm and head in with your coaches at 6:20pm.

If you arrive late and no longer see athletes waiting outside, please DO NOT ring the doorbell or bang on the door. You must return home and will not attend practice at that time.

Our coaches (who are also our lifeguards) must direct their attention to the athletes in the building and cannot be attending to the door once they have admitted the athletes.

If you forget your equipment or things inside, DO NOT keep ringing the doorbell. We repeat, DO NOT bang or ring the door. The coaches always remind athletes to pick up their equipment after practices and parents should encourage their athletes to listen and also remind their kids.

Please note that the Brewer Pool has already sent a complaint about the door banging and ringing and we will not risk the future pool use for this behaviour.

Thank you all for understanding.

Lisa Bloom
Club Administrator
Capital Wave 
Swimming and Water Polo Club
Mobile: 613-295-2300