Another great day at the pool for WAVE. Sam captured 7th in the 50 BK and took over 10 seconds off his time. Yassin also performed well in the BK and took 3 seconds off his time. Yassin then went on to take 3 seconds off his FR — we’ll make a swimmer out of you Yassin!

The 10U boys blasted down the pool in the 50 FR and got some BIG time improvements. Kyrie took over 2 seconds off and broke 40 seconds with a 39.87, Sam took almost 8 seconds off with a 41. 39 and Nathan took over 4 seconds off with a 45.06.

In a very tight 50 FR race (the difference between top 8 and top 12 was one tenth of a second), Skawennahawi continued to improve her time and took .3 off. Stanley captured 7th and took over 1 second off his time. The friendly battle between our two fastest 12 year-olds continues!

Bring on Day 3! And good luck to WAVE at the polo tournament in MTL this weekend.