Registering for a specific program is an easy 2-step process.

  1. Athlete Registration
  2. Program selection


b. Create an account/ Log into your account if you have one.
c. Once created, you will see a new screen. On the left is the menu. If you are a returning member, skip to (h).
f. Complete the information in PARTICIPANT box for each family member. No need to add additional documents.
g. Once all family members are entered (volunteer, athlete, executive), return to the DASHBOARD.
i. You will see three boxes:
 – Choose a season: Select 2022-23
 – Choose Family Member to Register: Select the athlete’s name
 – Choose a Division: Select the division based on your athlete’s program*
* Your athlete may need to upgrade their division at a later time. More details will be provided then.
j. Read and complete the waivers
k. Pay via credit card.
The system doesn’t not allow refunds so please make your selections carefully.
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Website Registration Information

    This information is used to login and access the members area of Capital Wave's website
  • Please separate the firstname and lastname with a period! This will be the username you will use to login to Capital Wave! example: rodrigo.rojas
  • This email is used for accessing the the Capital Wave website and for password recovery. NOTE: You may use the same email address for multiple athletes!
  • Leave alone if not changing password
  • Leave Blank if not changing password
  • Athlete Information

  • Name the athlete would like to be called by
  • (Optional)
  • Does your child have any medical illnesses, behavioural/learning needs that may require special attention, or need a specific coaching technique in order for him/her to be successful?
  • Athlete Contact Info

  • Required phone number format: ###-###-####
  • This is the athletes email address, ONLY if applicable.
  • Primary Contact/Emergency Contact

  • Required phone number format: ###-###-####
    I will be volunteering with the club and wish to be covered by Ontario Water Polo Insurance
  • I have read and understood the Notice of Warning
  • I have read, understood and will abide by OWP Standards of Behaviour
  • I have read, understood and will abide by the terms and conditions of the Water Polo Canada Code of Conduct
    Primary Contact Gender for OWP insurance
  • Date of Birth for OWP insurance
  • Secondary Contact

  • Required phone number format: ###-###-####
    I will be volunteering with the club and wish to be covered by Ontario Water Polo Insurance
    I agree to receiving WAVE News, our club's monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe at a later date.
    Required for OWP insurance
  • Required for OWP insurance
  • Website and Media Permission

    We enjoy telling the community about the many positive things taking place within our club. However, we want to strike the right balance between getting our message out and respecting the wishes of parents/guardians who do not want their child's name or photo displayed on the Internet. Photos, video footage and names are displayed at the coaches’/ Board of Directors’ discretion and are not be used for commercial gain. There are a number of times during the year when athletes wish to be photographed, interviewed or videotaped (e.g. tournaments, special events, practices).
    • Billing Information