The results are in for our fun gala this past Sunday.


All praise to Lisa and her band of volunteers for making it a memorable event for all the participants.

Thank you also to the parents and coaches who participated in the pool! You proved that we truly are an aquatic family! And it was so fun to see the parent/athlete rivalries. There are a few athletes who are now faster than their parent, but some are not quite there yet… know what you have to do!!!!

Some great times were recorded as we all continue to improve. Some highlights –

  • Yana led the way by taking almost 20 seconds off her 50 FR time with an incredible 52 seconds. Well done, Yana!
  • Holden coming alive in all the events that he swum! Amazing stuff, Holden!
  • Max, Dany, Adrien breaking the 1:00 for 50 FR! Good job!
  • Nathan Peaty Hobbs for continuing his dominance in the BR
  • Caitlin for taking 11 seconds off her 50 FR! 10 seconds from her 50 BK!
  • Aline for taking off over 5 seconds from her 60 FR!
  • Chiara for taking 6 seconds off her 50 BK!
  • Norah for taking 2 seconds from her 50 FR and 5 seconds from her 50 BK!
  • Gabe for breaking 40 on his 50 FR in Belleville and in the gala — there’s no looking back now!
  • Ryder for taking 8 seconds off his 50 FR!
  • Odin for being the king of BK!
  • Diego for taking 9 seconds from his 50 BK and 50 BR!
  • Lukasz for taking 6 seconds from his 50 FR!
  • Zach for taking 6 seconds off his 50 BK!
  • Shonakarakehte for taking 10 seconds from his 50 FR!
  • and many, many more…