Hello Capital Wave Families,

Well, here we are again!!!! Getting ready to get back into the water…..again! Yay!


Capital Wave is working diligently to bring a fair solution to all as we get back into the water. We want to maximize our pooltime while abiding by all the rules and regulations (which are constantly changing).

The first three weeks will not be a normal schedule (because of the University of Ottawa closure noted below). Please bear with us!

  • We are currently awaiting the most up to date rules, capacity limits, and restrictions from the City but athletes will be returning to the pool starting Monday, January 31st.
  • The University of Ottawa pool is closed until February 20th (at the earliest). This pool accounts for close to 40% of our pool bookings and we therefore have to make some temporary changes for everyone.
  • Carleton University is open as of January 31st (but still unclear on capacity limits).
  • In the 2nd week of February, the City will let us know what our Spring schedule will look like (after March Break). We still do not have a firm/confirmed schedule unfortunately and hope to provide more details as soon as we know the details.


Junior Waves:

As most of our Junior Waves athletes are in the process of getting fully vaccinated, we are taking extra precautions for the first 3 weeks. These extra measures are to protect the athletes and their families while vaccination is ongoing.

  • For the first 3 weeks, athletes will maintain 2 meters distance at all times, including in the water. Coaches will focus on getting the kids back in the water and adding to their swimming and water polo progress. Full contact scrimmages will be put on a temporary pause.
  • New, more structured protocols will be implemented to bring athletes down to the pool from the stands and when exiting the pool to return to the stands to maintain 2 meters distance at all times.
  • Athletes practices will be cohorted so as to minimize the number of contacts while at practice.


  • Athletes will be cohorted so as to minimize the number of contacts while at practice.
  • Athletes will be required to maintain 2 meters distance while not in the water.
  • Practices will be structured contingent on the restrictions from the City.



  • Fees and credits will be adjusted to reflect the changes to the practice schedule. Exact amounts and details are impossible to calculate right now and will be communicated as soon as we know more of what the schedule will be like.

Lisa Bloom
Club Administrator
Capital Wave 
Swimming and Water Polo Club
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