Dear Athletes,

We know that this was not the way we wanted to start our new year and welcome some of our new families into our club. Please know that we miss all of you and we want to help you stay connected to your WAVE Family.

During this lockdown, we will be playing a fun BINGO game where you will have several tasks to complete to keep you active, get outdoors, and spend time with your family. Please see following pages.

We are also happy to bring back our fun Zoom Workout sessions with Coaches Valeria and Samantha! We will start next week, Tuesday January 11th. Be ready to have a great time!

Zoom Workout Schedule (starting next week – calendars updated):
Tuesdays & Thursdays

– 4:00pm Junior Waves
– 4:30pm 13U and 15U groups

Zoom Family Events: we are bringing back our family events on Monday nights at 7pm. Who’s ready to play Trivia, go on a Scavenger Hunt around the house, and have a Bake Off?

– Monday Jan 10 – Scavenger Hunt Night
– Monday Jan 17 – Trivia Night
– Monday Jan 24 – Bake Off Night


Download PDF here.


  1. You have the entire month of January to see how many lines you can complete OR if youcan complete your entire BINGO card.
  2. There will be 5 Winners that will be drawn on February 1st, 2022.
  3. How does it work?a. Coach Rodrigo has a WAVE Jar.b. You get your name added to the WAVE Jar each time you complete a line on your BINGO card (for a maximum of 5 lines = 5 name entries into the WAVE Jar).c. If you complete the entire BINGO card, your name is added to the WAVE Jar 10 times (10 total name entries into the WAVE Jar, not 10 + 5).

    d. For you to successfully complete a line and get your name in the WAVE Jar, you must submit proof to challenge@capitalwave.ca of all the items completed on that line. Remember to take a photo/video of your challenges.

    e. You can only count each square of your completed challenges ONCE to make a line. The only square that can be used more than once is the Freebie. That is why the maximum number of lines prior to completing the entire BINGO card is 5.

    f. 5 names will be drawn from WAVE Jar on February 1st.

  4. Note there are 2 Tuesday and 2 Thursday workouts on the BINGO card. If you attend Tuesday Jan 11 for example, you only cross off ONE on the BINGO card, not both. You must attend the other one for it to count.
  5. Prizes include but not limited to:o Water Polo Canada Backpack, WAVE Backpack, WAVE hoodie, Canada Flag signed by Team Canada, WAVE flag, Water Polo Canada Robe, +

Other important Details:
Challenges that must be filmed for it to count includes:

  • Create a unique WAVE Cheer!
  • Swim 10 meters in the snow (don’t worry you DO NOT have to be in a suit)
  • Pass your WP ball with family

The rest of the challenges can be photographed no problem.

We hope you are creative, you stay active, but most importantly, have fun doing all of it! See you soon!

How to submit results?

  • Email challenge@capitalwave.ca
  • Direct Message us on Facebook or Instagram @capitalwave
  • Tag us on your Facebook or Instagram post @capitalwave
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