I will tell you the one thing that distinguishes swimming from all other forms of exercise. People enjoy it a lot more.

Fraser Anderson
Head Swim Coach

Thanks to all the players, young and not-so young, coming out for our swimming sessions this past few weeks.

Their eagerness to learn and improve their strokes has pushed the coaching staff to find innovative ways to train and build our players’ endurance and speed.

Every week, we’ve focused on one element of swimming. So far we’ve covered: the top part of the front crawl (the catch); proper rotation; kick strength; stroke efficiency; and, breaststroke. Times have been recorded and we are seeing notable improvements. We’ve also had a lot of fun – our Fun Fridays relays should make for a few memories for years to come.

As we are starting to see things open up again and we can play water polo again (or a slightly modified version), the improvements we’ve made in the water will come to the surface. Making our players stronger, faster and more efficient in the water is what this summer program is all about. I hope to see our second session full. KA-CHING!

The importance of breaststroke

Breaststroke from 6-8 Sports on Vimeo.