On January 5-7, WAVE hosted the 17U National Championship League tournament at Nepean. It was an outstanding event which was only made possible because of the generosity of our wonderful membership!
Thanks to everyone’s extraordinary and overwhelming contributions, WAVE managed to run 35 games and feed more than 80 people over the course of 72 hours! Water Polo Canada delegates, Referees and Club Coaches commended WAVE on the amazing organization and the wonderful food – apparently the best many had ever seen! Everyone was extremely complimentary and many asked for recipes!😉
Thank you to the organizing committee who worked 15 hour days throughout the weekend and many hours in the weeks leading up to the event:
  • Jorge Davila, Tournament Director
  • Vev Anderson, Hospitality Coordinator
  • Nancy Cronkwright, Hospitality Coordinator
  • Mickey Robertson, Equipment Director and Minor Official Trainer
  • Gabriel Cooper, Game Clock manager/trainer
  • Rodrigo Rojas, Coach/Club Organizer
Thank you to everyone who donated delicious food, cash and their time to ensure the hospitality room was supervised, stocked and refreshed throughout the entire weekend! WAVE flawlessly provided 3 meals, drinks and snacks for about 80 people each day.
Thank you to every Minor Official who trained and staffed the kick out board, exclusion flags, Game Secretary or Table Supervisor role. All the Referees and Water Polo Canada were impressed with WAVE’s professionalism, competence and efficiency throughout!
Thank you to our Game Clock Operators who trained and ran the clock flawlessly!
It was wonderful to see the entire Club come together to support this national event – THANK YOU ALL!