The combined team scores for 12U - Eastern Regional Championships

The combined team scores for 12U – Eastern Regional Championships *** Data courtesy of BBST

Before the Regional Championships were held a couple of weeks ago, I did have a couple of parents ask if Regional meets are important.

The short answer is, yes.

As you can see from the chart above it’s the time when clubs are competing to be the best in the Region and points are collected for each swim. This allows us to see how well our club is performing in comparison to others.

The good news is that are 12U athletes are doing quite well especially when you take in the size of our club and the fact that WAVE only swims once or twice per week. We more than doubled the number of swimmers that we had participating from the last Regionals meet. But, there is always room for improvement — this is why we train.

Water Polo Head Coach Rodrigo and Head Coach Emeritus David paid close attention to our young athletes this past weekend during scrimmages and informed me that the focus on swimming is really paying off in terms of athlete development. They are pleased with the aquatic athletes coming through the WAVE system and only see good things ahead for WAVE.

As we head into the heart of polo season we will still have a couple of swim meets until the next Regionals meet. Our athletes are now more conscious of the qualifying times for Regionals and I will be encouraging them to go after these times.

We need to keep up the momentum and continue to move up the charts. Great job WAVE!

Life is always better in the water,

Coach Fraser