Here are the results from the TwinkieLoo –

You will notice a few things about the results.

First, birth year is listed. Water polo is organized around birth year and our competitive water polo programs use this information in making teams.

Secondly, you will see an Expectation time listed for the 50 FR.

Before we get our collective knickers in a knot, let me explain this so as to avoid any uncomfortable moments. These are the times that the coaches expect. This is what we are looking for and not the be all and end all criteria and certainly not the only criteria. Meeting these times does not guarantee a spot on the top line for a Provincial team. Meeting these times does not warrant an entry into a program. The expectations are to be used as guidelines.

So, how to use these times. If your child is wondering what it takes to improve and needs a goal, take a look at their times and the expected times. Everyone needs goals and these expectations are just that.