Yes, you read that right.

Being stuck in your basement for 4 days allows you time to catch up on a few things and a Wave-A-Thon wrap-up made it to the top of the list. Waaaay overdue.

My most poignant memory was lapping Rodrigo, but I know I can’t linger too long on that since he’s very good at revenge. I tried very hard to lap him twice, but he was not having it.

I had the pleasure of witnessing the Minis and the JWs in their Wave-a-thon performances and there were certainly some great moments that was accompanied by some great spirit in the stands. One comment that I remember was, “I didn’t know watching my kid do laps could be such fun!”

Some of the Minis managed to get over 30 laps. That’s quite incredible since at the time they had only just been swimming a couple of months!

The JWs were led by Yana, the Jacobe twins and Sadie. The boys, Oakley and Reid, were not that far behind. I look forward to next year with another year of swimming under their belts – it’s going to be a lot tighter race. Plus, the ins and outs of swimming decorum should be ironed out by then as there were a few laps short of 25M.

In 13U,  for the girls , Naya ran away with it with 103 laps. The only athlete from that category to break 100. But Charlie’s record of 114 still stands – but I think Yana, Olivia and Addison have their eyes on that prize for next year. That would be quite an accomplishment! It’s anyone’s game!

For the 13U boys, Nathan put in a solid 98. Just missing the 100 mark, but still good enough to tie the boy’s record held by Stanley and Max. Good job, Nathan.

The 17U boys was a slugfest. While Stan and Costa duked it out for a tie at 125, Luca slipped in there with a 127. Luca is now the well-deserved champ. He’s also doing his first 1500M swim in a couple of weeks so that’ll be a walk in the park – only 60 laps!

The 17U Girls was also a battle, this time between Zoe and Charlie. With both dads glaring at them from the pool deck under the guise of supporting their child, there was a lot of tension in the air as they went stroke for stroke down the pool. It seemed every time they made another turn at the wall they were both a brighter shade of pink. Maximum effort was being made. Huntley and Andra were very close in making the 120+ Club this year and are pegged to give Zoe and Charlie a rude awakening in 2024.

This year’s members of the 120+ Club are:

Coach Rodrigo
Coach Fraser

Membership has no privileges. Although, I think we need another t-shirt.

It was the best Wave-A-Thon in the short history of Wave-A-Thons. It really has become a great display of our club’s team spirit and part of our charm.

I will post a follow-up with details on the fundraising side of this event in the next week.