Making it happen at 6:45 AM

This morning was supposed to be a snow day. My kids had mentally planned on it. It wasn’t. Getting them out of bed this morning and off to school was a chore. There were some raw emotions. Even the cat was getting upset.

So when it came to writing up a summary of the Ambassador trip to Cornwall, my thoughts went to the parents.

The fact that the Cornwall Ambassador event started at 6:40 AM was the first test of our collective mettle and then there was the biting cold as we waited outside for our hosts.

But everyone was there on time and with a smile.

When it came to unloading all the equipment from my car, I barely lifted a finger.

When it came to sorting and distributing the Ambassador sweaters, I sipped my tea.

When it came to setting up the nets, I provided some guidance and walked away.

When it came to handing out the pins and signed posters, they were all neatly sorted ready to go.

When it came to capturing the event, better pictures than I could have mustered were taken. (see the gallery)

All this to say, thank you to all the WAVE parents that help the coaches do what they do best – come up with crazy ideas and have them drive on an early winter morning to spread the love of water polo and make memories for their athletes.

Thank you to Cornwall Sea Lions for being great hosts. We’ll see you next year.

On to my next crazy idea. Stay tuned.

The reward