The WAVE Ambassadors will ride again on March 2 from 4:35 to 6:35 at Carleton University as we host the Arnprior Bluefish.

WAVE is only happy to bring the exciting world of water polo to yet another team from the venerable Ottawa Valley. We will swim, race, and then play. And what a great facility we’ll be able to share with the Bluefish as there are not that many athletes that have their first exposure to water polo in an all deep pool!

We will greet our guests in the lobby of the Carleton Pool facility and then up to the pool deck. After some brief introductions and welcomes, we will have a short 30 minute swim set with Coach Elena and then perhaps a relay or two.

Then Coach Fraser and the Ambassadors will take over with an introduction of eggbeater, passing, shooting and some basic game rules.

And then everyone will watch the WAVE Ambassadors play for 5 – 10 minutes, so that the Bluefish can get a feel for the game. After which, we’ll mix up the teams and play, play, play!

After the game, we’ll rush over to Brewer and join the action of the Twinkie-Loo. We should probably only miss warm-up!

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