This past Sunday, seven of our 13U athletes and one Junior Waves athlete attended the OYO Invitational Swim Meet at the Nepean Sportsplex.

We received the invite to this meet on Wednesday as another club had pulled out. We were asked if we had a few swimmers who might be interested and we decided to take up the challenge. It was a hectic few days to get things organized but we managed to do it.

The timing was not ideal as our Jnr Waves were in the internal tournament. There was also the factor that the meet was in a long course pool (50m long) — something that our swimmers have never seen before and can be overwhelming. We want all of our swimmers to be able to swim official swim meets as soon as possible and we are working towards this.

The results from Sunday were very promising. We managed to collect top ten finishes in all the events that we entered and we also had two swimmers, Stanley and Skawennahawi, swim Regional level times in the 50FR. Skawennahawi also had a Regional time in her 100 FR!

All of our swimmers swam best times for their events. It’s amazing what a bit of competition can do. Luca, Jorge, Gillian, Stanley, Skawennahawi, Max, Odin and Kyrie should all be proud of their efforts and showed everyone that we are proud to be WAVE!