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You’ve spent countless hours in the pool, powered through many early mornings, and committed yourself to the great sport of swimming. The water has shaped your body and your mind and made you a better person.

But, as with many swimmers, the medal count eventually starts to slow down and qualifying times get more and more out of reach. 

This is nothing new. It’s by design. That’s how the sport of swimming works. As you get older, the level of competition gets higher and fewer swimmers qualify for those top events.

So, what now?

The physical condition that you are in thanks to swimming may never be repeated in your lifetime and it would be a shame to waste it. Let’s face it, getting to this level of fitness was not easy! 

There are many compatible sports for swimmers looking for a change, such as rowing, triathlon and running – all sports that require endurance and are also focused on the individual’s success.

The main thing is not to hang up your goggles and reach for the bag of ketchup chips (OK – maybe one medium bag after a hard practice).

What about trying an aquatic team sport that would take full advantage of your swimming ability and continue to fuel your love for the water?

Why not try water polo? Capital Wave welcomes you!

Remember how much fun you had on the pool deck being a part of your swim team at a meet? Talking with your friends, playing games between events and cheering each other on is the best part of the meet experience.  Well, water polo has all that and more – you actually get to play with your friends in the water and not just on deck! You’re playing as a member of a closely-knit, supportive team.

Now what about all those things you’ve heard about water polo being a rough sport? It’s just overblown talk from people wanting to sound impressive that does water polo a disservice. Water polo is certainly not any rougher than hockey or rugby and injuries are almost unheard of. 

Water polo is a fun team sport. Period. And besides, if you’re fast in the water, how is anyone going to catch you! Water polo is a lot like Borden Ball. Remember that fun sport that we all played in gym class? Very similar, but in water. And to you, a seasoned swimmer, that’s a key advantage!

Capital Wave has many ex-swimmers as players as well as a coaching staff with swimming backgrounds. We understand how hard it is to try to transition to a new sport after the huge commitment and dedication needed for competitive swimming. We are asking you to give water polo a try. 

Your symbiotic relationship with the water will continue. All those laps will count!

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