Get ready to boogie with DJ Valeria! Dig out your old Yellow & Blue shirts and support your team!

This is an internal meet for all of our Junior Waves (Yellow, Blue and Teal) and our 13Us. The Jnr Waves meet is on Saturday from 5:30 – 8:30 at Brewer. The 13Us are on Sunday from 2:00 to 3:30 at Brewer.

Details for our second Yellow & Blue Gala are starting to come together.

Our galas are a chance for our athletes to showcase their talent and speed in the pool in a semi-formal event.

Details about the event can be found in the meet package which can be downloaded here.

Heats are being organized as I type this and will be posted mid-week.

This meet is going to be special for so many reasons, let me start counting:

  1. The MC will be Coach Mickey
  2. The DJ will be Coach Valeria (there will be a song request sheet posted soon)
  3. Our athletes will be doing longer events this time around, no more 25s
  4. We will start tabulating club records
  5. Our new timers will hopefully be putting their new skills to work
  6. Lisa and Steve will be practicing their stroke and turn officiating and will provide some feedback to the coaches on where we need to work.
  7. And most importantly, this is a chance for our athletes to excel on a personal level rather than on a team level. This is why we do two sports at WAVE so everyone has double the opportunity for greatness!